'Vanderpump'ers Ring In New Year With 'Friends'

What, oh what does a SURver do the day after New Year's Eve? How, oh how does the Vanderpump Rules cast unwind after whatever mayhem unfolded at SUR's NYE party? Well, according to their social media accounts, some of the Vanderpumpers chose to spend Jan. 1 not wolfing down carnitas burritos from Hugo’s Tacos (the cast’s go-to hangover cure, duh), but marathoning Friends on Netflix. Well, I'll be a Giggy's uncle! SURvers: They're just like us.

Thursday, Jax Taylor and Peter Madrigal tweeted and Instagrammed about devoting their day to watching the beloved sitcom (which, as anyone who isn't deathly allergic to the Internet knows, was just added to Netflix). The photos and tweets left me with a few pressing questions:

  • How does Tom Schwartz feel about Friends?
  • How do the other Vanderpumpers feel about Friends?
  • Which Friends character does each Vanderpumper identify with?
  • Can someone please mash up the Friends theme and the Vanderpump theme? Working title: "Raise Your Glasses High, For I'll Be There For You".
  • Did Gordo Vonfriendenheimer get in on the Friends marathon fun?
  • What's Gordo's favorite episode?
  • Is Gordo more of a Rachel or a Joey?
  • What are Gordo's thoughts re: Marcel the monkey?
  • How does Gordo feel about the chick and the duck?
  • Can someone check on Peter?