Is Niall Horan Pregnant? Obviously Not, But One Direction Fandom Wishes It Were True

One Direction fans can all relax, Niall Horan did not get a girl pregnant. But for some reason on Friday, #congratsonthebabyniall was trending on Twitter worldwide. Tweets upon tweets were posted congratulating the young singer on his future child, despite no news or rumors coming out about a pregnancy reveal. So what was the cause of this strange phenomenon? Boredom, at least it looks that way. It seems the massive fandom of One Direction was bored and decided to basically take over the social media outlet for a while because... well... they just can. Fans came up with the weirdest, funniest and scariest tweets about the singer's baby, posting that Horan was pregnant with fellow band members' babies like Harry Styles and Liam Payne and photoshopping in crazy pictures of One Direction in a delivery room setting with Horan giving birth.

Before any member of the One Direction fandom decides to attack me in my sleep, I need to preface this post by saying that while I didn't start out liking One Direction, they have grown on me quite a bit in the last year. So none of what I say in this post comes out of hatred, simply confusion. I am truly confused by the reasons behind creating a hashtag and subsequent trend like this one. But as many of the fans have pointed out themselves:

This is just one of the many strange moments from the 1D fandom. In the past, they have started a turf war with the Doctor Who fandom over who controls November 23rd, aka "The Day of the Doctor" vs. "1D Day," they have attacked the crazed fans who posted photos of band member Zayn Malik's private belongings on social media, and they have fought with another frightening fandom: The Beliebers.

But while most of this is pretty harmless, the fandom has gone a bit overboard in the past with trending hashtags like #cutforzouis which featured posts of fans presumably self-harming themselves until Malik and Louis Tomlinson stopped abusing drugs after a video leaked of them smoking weed. Then there were the rumors of 1D fan suicides after the release of the band's documentary and many other moments of over intense fandom.

As long as the fandom can stay away from harming themselves or others, the Directioners can do whatever they want on social media. While I may not understand #congratsonthebabyniall, at least it's not hurting anyone including Horan who will probably be more amused by the weird anatomically incorrect worldwide more than anything else. Here are some of weirdest tweets from #congratsonthebabyniall for all of our entertainment, most of which include lots and lots of photoshopping: