Do you have questions and concerns about the oddities of your boobs? Well, so do a lot of people, trust me, and here to tell you if your boobs are a-OK is a new Buzzfeed video fittingly titled "Are Your Boobs Normal?" Spoiler alert: They probably are.

Whether your boobs are big or small, chances are you've felt self-conscious about them at some time in your life. After all, boobs are weird. They sprout up right at the time in your life where your hormones are already making you crazy self-conscious all the time, and suddenly they're constantly causing problems and getting in the way — which of course only convinces you that everyone else is noticing them all the time, too. How could they not?

And, of course, in real life they very rarely look like the ones you'll see on an episode of Game of Thrones. Which is yet another reason that seeing honest representations of real life bodies is so important, but I digress.

The truth is that although society has some very narrow ideas about what eveyone's bodies should look like, bodies not only don't all look the same but aren't supposed to, and boobs are no exception. So if you're worried that your boobs aren't normal, take a peak at this video and see if it can help calm some of your fears.