5 Ways Rita Ora's "7/11" Remake Gives Beyonce Some Major Competition — VIDEO

We already know what happens when a group of guys gets snowed in on Thanksgiving thanks to this hilarious all-male version of Beyoncé's "7/11," but it's common knowledge that there is absolutely no cap on how many times someone can put their own spin on a Beyoncé song or video, even if it's done by another celebrity. As if Rita Ora's acoustic "Drunk in Love" cover wasn't a clear enough indication that the "Radioactive" singer is a Beygency-abiding, faithful member of the Beyhive, Ora's rendition of the "7/11" video pretty much seals her status as one of Queen Bey's hugest fans.

According to MTV, the clip Ora uploaded to her YouTube page was filmed just before the New Year arrived, and seriously, the singer’s spin on “7/11” puts all of the other celebrity New Year's celebrations to shame. In less than two minutes, the Fifty Shades of Grey star managed to convince me that she's the ideal girl to vacay with. Instead of lounging around on the deck sipping fine wine and eating fancy foods (which doesn’t sound half bad, by the way), the 24-year-old singer demonstrated exactly how to make the most of living it up on a yacht.

The video’s pretty short and sweet, but here’s how Ora gave Beyoncé some stiff competition:

Location, Location, Location

While Queen Bey partied it up in a swanky hotel suite, Ora took things to the next level by filming her "7/11" remake on a private jet and a yacht in the Caribbean.

This Scene...

...Is absolute perfection.

She's Wearing This T-shirt

Um, this probably makes more of a statement than Beyoncé's Kale sweatshirt.

She Even Got the Crew Involved

Of all the requests made by celebrity guests, starring in a music video was probably one of the crew's least expected.

The Glamorous Twerking

With her glittery gown and matching headpiece, Ora flawlessly executed the stylish twerk.

Watch Ora's full version of "7/11" below:

Images: RitaOra/YouTube (5)