These Loafers Are Perfect for the Chinese New Year

I'm year of the sheep (or ram, or goat, or what-have-you). It's a badge I've always worn with pride, and as this year is year of the sheep, I can't help but be excited (as well as terrified about the fact that I'm turning 24 and haven't started on my second novel, let alone my first, a la Ariana Huffington at the same age). Anyway, I've found the perfect way to celebrate the lunar new year, and it comes in the form of the new Eastern Cosmic line from Charlotte Olympia (the Western zodiac is also available, if that's more your deal).

Charlotte Olympia's one of the most awesome shoe/accessory designers anywhere — did you catch the kitty-themed capsule collection that everyone from Alexa Chung to Chelsea Peretti was rocking? How about the Betty and Veronica-inspired cobalt blue pumps? Her clear acetate World Cup clutches? Or, her latest and (almost) greatest mid-century art-inspired line? It's hard to choose a favorite, but the Eastern Cosmic is up there for me — the colors are all absolutely gorgeous (the contrast piping is especially nice), and the zodiac animals themselves are both whimsically and beautifully rendered.

What do you think? I'll definitely be buying the Year of the Ram suede loafers, if I ever happen to get a $800 windfall.

Images: Net-a-Porter; charlotte_olympia/Instagram