Sarah Finally Responds to Hank's Proposal on 'Parenthood'

It was an awfully good night for the couples on Parenthood on Thursday night, wasn't it? Not only did Joel and Julia get back together during the new episode, titled "Let's Go Home," but Sarah finally accepted Hank's marriage proposal.

Now, this wasn't an immediate "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" from Sarah. The proposal itself, which happened in front of a hospital at a really inopportune time during last week's episode, was as jarring as it was unromantic. But Sarah struggled just as much this week. (Sarah, in case you haven't watched an episode of Parenthood ever, is the most indecisive person on the planet when it comes to matters of the hear.)

Hank left the decision (or, as they put it, the "tomato") in her hands to decide, Sarah turned to the women in her life for help. She made a pros and cons list with Julia (pro: he's tall and reliable!); she mulled it over with her mom (who wisely asked all the right questions like "Do you love him? Does he make you happy? What else is there?"); and she told Amber the news in between the horror of trying to put a crib together.

Even with the support of her loved ones, Sarah still had her doubts. But when she went over to Amber's and found that Hank had put the crib (which Amber's biological father bought for her) together, everything just clicked into place for her. She knew that Hank could provide a happy and loving life for her and her children. Teary-eyed she told him that they will get married. As Hank simply put it, "Wow."

Look, I get that the Parenthood writers are softening the blow of the inevitable death that's on the way with all these love stories, but I'll take it.

Image: Colleen Hayes/NBC