Taylor Swift Shared A Photo Of Her Cooking Date With Tavi Gevinson, Ashley Avignone And Martha Hunt — But Here's What It Made Me Think About

There were a lot of fashionable women in one room last night, so of course we're dying to know what they talked about. The room in question is what looks like the kitchen of Taylor Swift's New York City apartment. An Instagram photo posted by Swift on Saturday night showed a composite shot featuring herself, model Martha Hunt, stylist Ashley Avignone, and Rookie Magazine editor Tavi Gevinson with the caption: "Cooking all day with @ashavignone @marhunt @tavitulle." This isn't the first time Tay has invited members of her immense network of lady friends to cook and hang out. She's taken a cooking class with Lorde, baked cookies with Kelly Osborne and even with Selena Gomez, too — amongst others.While perhaps some folks are speculating on what they cooked — OK, I was a bit curious about that too — what I really want to know was if they got to talking about fashion. More specifically, if Taylor and Tavi would ever start a clothing line together. I mean, Taylor is certainly mogul material and it wouldn't be off-brand for her to launch a clothing line. And in conversation with Janet Mock last October, Gevinson mentioned that she felt like moving to New York had helped her "re-discover her fashion roots." Although she got her start as a young fashion blogger, more recently Tavi has been focusing on growing Rookie to new, beautiful, feminist levels and being an actress on Broadway. NBD. But am I alone in thinking that the perfect manifestation of this "return to fashion" would be for Tavi to consider starting a clothing line with her friend and one of the most powerful women on the planet?!

Judging from Taylor's athletic sweater dress and Tavi's fur coat last night alone, the hybridization of their aesthetics would be a dream! A little bit of Tay's signature ladylike style and Tavi's edgy, femme, alterna-babe look could materialize in an amazing collection of pastel dresses, eclectic jewelry (maybe food-themed, because duh), and the perfect loungewear for hanging out and cooking with your best girlfriends. With all of their model and designer friends, they'd definitely have enough collective experience to get this thing off the ground. And, you know, Petra Collins could be their in-house photographer. So, where do I pre-order?

Images: Getty; Instagram