Lindsay Lohan is Starring in a Car Insurance Commercial & This May Be Her Best Role Yet

I will never not be a Lindsay Lohan fan. From her start in The Parent Trap to her peak in Mean Girls, she can do no wrong when it comes to selecting movie roles. I'd argue even Life-Size and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen were equally great career decisions. If you've also been missing seeing Lohan on-screen, there's some good news! Reportedly Lindsay Lohan is filming a car insurance commercial for Esurance, which TMZ guesses will air during the Super Bowl. If so, this may be her best role yet.

If anyone knows about the importance of car insurance, it's someone who's gotten in as many accidents as Lindsay Lohan. Of course, joking about automobile accidents may not be in the best taste. But it's good she at least is aware of (and has a sense of humor about) her past antics — and most importantly, she doesn't behave as recklessly anymore. I love that Lohan is making a comeback by returning to television, no matter how seemingly small the role may be. In other words, the commercial is pretty much a guaranteed hit.

As proof that Lohan will definitely rock that new gig, let's take a trip down memory lane! Here's a round-up of her past commercials, since after all, she got her start on the small screen.

Jell-O Commercial

Did you know one of LiLo's first roles was in a Jell-O commercial with Bill Cosby? She's a natural star. Love her hat!

eHarmony Parody

OK, this wasn't a real commercial. It's a Funny or Die parody, but still shows Lohan is able to poke fun at herself as she makes her own dating profile.

MTV Movie Awards Ad

In 2004, Lohan hosted the MTV Movie Awards and filmed a series of promos. This one shows her training for the gig with P. Diddy.

ProActiv Commercial

She gets real about her skin problems in a series of ProActiv ads. This gem also features an appearance by her little brother Michael.

See? Lohan is the queen of commercials. Now I can't wait to see that Esurance ad!