'AHS' Twins Got Their Wish, But Was it Wrong?

The curtain has fallen on American Horror Story: Freak Show and although the season didn't always make the most sense, it sure tied it all up in the season finale. Only four people survived the season and out of those four, Bette and Dot married Jimmy. (Desiree got her own happy ending too.) Although Dot in particular seemed super happy with her domestic bliss (the twins were even pregnant!), was it really the right ending for the characters?

I previously had stated that Bette and Dot should not be with Dandy or Chester. (My reasons? I'm a relatively sane woman who can make the easiest of judgment calls when necessary.) Dot had really fallen in love with Jimmy at first sight — and he was kind to the twins when they first arrived to the freak show. But when Dot offered herself to Jimmy, he denied her — saying his heart belonged to someone else.

Now, Jimmy had a ton of stuff going on when Dot did that, and I was pretty impressed with how they both (err, how all three of them? since Bette was in the room and all) handled the situation. At the time, we assumed he meant he was in love with Maggie, but considering that Ima and Jimmy had sex earlier in the episode, he could have been talking about Ima. But whomever he was speaking of — we knew he wasn't in love with Dot — or Bette. (Man, what if it had been Bette?! Mind=blown.)

But after suffering a traumatic incident, people's feelings can change, right? I'm sure Jimmy, Bette, and Dot were all brought together after experiencing the murder of all of their "family" (and Jimmy lost all of his biological family too). And although Jimmy had seemed so in love with Maggie — he did not care about her at all by the time she died. I guess that's understandable though since she had been lying to him about her real reasons for being at the freak show and then assisted in his father's murder. That seems reason enough to fall out of love with somebody.

Does all of that mean that Jimmy should have married the twins though? From their final scene together, we saw the twins and Jimmy living a typical life, hanging around the TV at night. Clearly, the love was between Jimmy and Dot — with Bette as the third wheel (which is infinitely better than the marriage of Dandy and Bette with Dot as the third wheel — but still). I wish they had found one man whom both of them could love equally. I understand that's idealistic/possibly unrealistic, but that would be the most fair to the women. Yet, considering it was the 1960s and how unhappy TV has led me to believe a lot of marriages were, they were luckier than most.

As for tying up loose ends on a TV series finale — and for all of the emotional trauma the three of them went through — the marriage makes sense (especially if Jimmy really did fall in love with Dot — and maybe Bette as well). Plus, Jimmy, Bette, and Dot share an understanding of their physical abnormalities and what they've gone through that no one else possibly could. I just hope Bette gets some of that alone time to take care of Bette (like she discussed in the beginning of the season) if Jimmy doesn't do it for her.

Images: Frank Ockenfels/FX; a-h-s-freak-show/Tumblr (3)