Aaron Paul Records 'Dance Bitch' Track, And It's Pretty Embarrassing

I'm still mourning the loss of Breaking Bad, just like everyone else. Now I have to watch Homeland every Sunday night and be really confused about who the enemies are and how Claire Danes' chin can possibly contort that way. But I feel like Aaron Paul is in denial about his role as Jesse Pinkman being over for good. On Saturday, the actor cameo'd on Saturday Night Live as Jesse Pinkman... in the cold open, during a electronic meth commercial parody, and during Weekend Update. Okay, that was fine and pretty funny. Fair. But Paul also collaborated with British DJ duo Tom Neville and Zen Freeman on a dub-steppy, EDM dance track titled "Dance Bitch," in which Aaron Paul tells us to (you guessed it) dance, bitch.

The track is not good, but you can buy it on iTunes, I guess, if you're a true Aaron Paul fan and will digest anything he does. Mostly, it's pretty embarrassing, and I say this as an avid fan of Paul — I like how goofy his real-life persona is, how grossly in love he is with his wife, how much he adores and respects co-star Bryan Cranston. But "Dance Bitch" just makes me cringe. Let's see Paul acting more! He's really good at it! Luckily, Paul is slated to be in a slew of movies in the coming year, including a film adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel A Long Way Down (yay!) and the action flick Need for Speed (not interested).