Tom Hiddleston's Best Celebrity Friendships Prove That No One Is Immune To His Charm

Besides being one of the most charming villains ever as Loki in The Avengers, Tom Hiddleston has somehow, quietly, made us all swoon in his general direction by just existing. Really, it's almost impossible not to love him: Not only is he an outspoken and avid philanthropist — he did the "Living Below The Line" challenge, using only $1.50 for food per day, to raise awareness about poverty — he's also known as one of the most kind celebrities in real life. He's brought soup to cold reporters on the red carpet, and he's known as being a delight to his legions of young fans, which is just adorable.

And there's no need to mention his eyes, but I'm gonna mention them anyway, because, sigh, those eyes.

So who gets to experience the heaven of Hiddleston on a daily basis? Even though he's far too busy for one dude — he has at least four movies coming out in 2015! — it's pretty obvious that Hiddleston is a devoted and loyal friend. I imagine he would be extremely comforting through a bad breakup, making you laugh (and fall in love with?!) his celebrity impressions.

Here are the lucky few that actually get to call Tom Hiddleston their real, true friend; we'll just have to live vicariously through them and pretend it's us that Hiddleston loves.

Chris Hemsworth


Look how gentle they are as they stare into one another's eyes, lost in their own bromance. The two play brothers and nemeses Thor and Loki in The Avengers, but as much as they abhor each other in the films, they love each other in real life even more. During interviews, they're prone to reminding their audiences just HOW much they love each other, and they are super supportive of the other's talents. The most handsome friendship of all time, no doubt.

Emma Watson


Besides how much we love Emma Watson for being Hermione, we learned to love her even more in 2014 when she started speaking actively about women's rights. She launched the #HeForShe campaign which encouraged men to show their support for women, and Tom Hiddleston showed his love for her on Twitter and just how much he admired her.

He also called her his personal choice for woman of the year, and he's always there to give her a helping hand with the mic.

Tilda Swinton


Can you even imagine what it would be like to be friends with Tilda Swinton? Tom Hiddleston is one of the lucky few that has come into the trust circle of the ethereal actress, as the two worked together on the Jim Jarmuch film Only Lovers Left Alive. Swinton said in an interview with PopSugar, that even though she was a bit behind on the Thor fandom, "I love [Tom!] He's a friend of mine, he's my pal, and he's great. It was a real effort for him not to smile in this movie, but he pulled it off."

POPSUGAR Entertainment on YouTube

Benedict Cumberbatch

Is there any celebrity friendship so pure, so supportive, and so handsome as is the strong bond between Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston? They've been fast friends since they both appeared in War Horse in 2010, and since then, they have no shortage of sweet things to say about each other. "He's one of my best friends. It’s as simple as that. It’s funny how people have framed us together in a way… He’s just a great, amazing, brilliant actor," Hiddleston said of Cumberbatch. I'm not crying, you're crying. Cue "You've Got A Friend In Me."

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