This Beck/Beyonce Mashup is Absolutely Brilliant

Given the sheer size of Beyoncé's Beyhive, I'm willing to bet there are plenty among them who are still reeling from her losing Album of the Year Grammy to Beck. I can vaguely picture them in my mind, clutching their physical copies of her surprise visual album while ugly crying their way through the lyrics of "Drunk in Love" and still wondering aloud, who the hell is Beck? Sigh. (This, of course, isn't to say Beck didn't deserve the win — because he did, a lot.) It's a sad sight to imagine, but perhaps this amazing mashup of Beyoncé and Beck can rouse them from their "Beyonce didn't win" stupors and hip them to the fact that even though Beck's Grammy win seemingly came out of nowhere, he legitimately earned his musical stripes a long time ago.Now this brilliant combination of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" and Beck's "Loser" didn't come from a secret post-Grammys jam session between Bey and Beck, but it still sounds pretty amazing. But it gets better—the creator of this mashup blessed us with the most pleasant portmanteau that I cannot stop repeating: Beckyoncé.

Anyway, "Single Ladies/Loser" slows down Bey's vocals and expertly integrates her "uh, uh, ohs" with the instrumentals of "Loser." The guitar almost gives it that sort of twangy feel of "Irreplaceable."It seems to be the current trend for artists' fan bases to pit them against one another, but why is that necessary especially when this unique combination of Beyoncé and Beck sounds so, so good? In my opinion, it's a much better show of support for both Beyoncé and Beck's artistry than the annoying rant by Kanye West that only put the spotlight on him instead of the artists he wants everyone else to appreciate.

Anyway guys, check out the "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)/Loser" mashup and tell me it doesn't get you groovin':