Keanu Reeves' Subway Etiquette Is On Fleek

by Kenya Foy

As someone who's not exactly a seasoned subway commuter, I'm still quite confident that this next story would make a most excellent addition to Johnny T's list of Subway Tips. While riding the New York City subway recently, someone captured video of Keanu Reeves giving up his seat to a woman who entered the car carrying a nice-sized duffel bag. The 45-second clip posted on YouTube shows the actor simply taking the train with the masses, acting completely normal, unassuming and thankfully, not at all like Mariah Carey on a subway. As soon as he notices the woman standing, he allows her to sit down while he stands.

Aside from being a shining example of a quintessential nice guy, Reeves' good deed is also a refreshing change of pace from all the stories we hear about blatant violations of subway etiquette from men. Based on his totally kind gesture, I'm going to assume Reeves isn't a manspreader. Even though the undercover filming is invasive, it's always nice to hear something positive happening in the subway outside of the typical horror stories. Reeves giving up his seat to a stranger might not sound as captivating as the couple who got married on the subway or as epic as the time Orange is The New Black actress Lea DeLaria schooled an anti-gay subway preacher, but maybe his stellar subway etiquette will catch on with others who aren't quite up to speed on the proper way to take the subway.

Check out Reeves' nice gesture below: