What Kind Of James Bond Would Idris Elba Be?

The people are crying for a change and that change is Idris Elba. In case you haven't heard, Elba is interested in playing James Bond — a role currently occupied by Daniel Craig for who knows how long. The changing of the Bonds is not an unusual thing in a franchise as long-running as this one, but Elba would be the first African-American Bond to ever hit the big screen. Which, to me, is all the reason you need to go ahead and get this done. However, it's not just Elba's own interest (or Kanye West's endorsement) that should be getting Hollywood's attention. Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan also thinks Elba would be great for the role. I repeat: Elba has gotten a thumbs-up from a former Bond to step into those polished loafers. What are you waiting for here, Hollywood?

Of course, it's quite likely that the Elba for Bond campaign will go the way of the Donald Glover for Spider-Man campaign: everyone will talk about it and get into it, but Hollywood won't listen and we'll all be forced to eventually move on. However, on the off-chance that the Luthor actor does have a shot at the role of 007 one day, I can't help but to wonder exactly what kind of Bond he would be. Every actor that has portrayed James Bond, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, has brought something new to the character. What traits and idiosyncrasies can we expect from an Elba-Bond? Based on his past roles, here's my guess.

1. He'll Be British

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All right, so this isn't exactly unique. Sean Connery played Bond with a Scottish accent that Ian Fleming loved so much that he worked it into Bond's actual backstory — and Skyfall confirmed it on screen in the films. Elba was born in London, making him as British as a Bond is supposed to be. I'm sure he can fake the Scottish accent. Or just use his natural one. I don't care, and Bond himself has been all over.

2. He'll Be Musical

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Elba might not be an actual martial artist like George Lazenby, our On Her Majesty's Secret Service Bond, but he can bring a little musical flair to the table. He's participated in a lot of songs and music videos over the years, so this is all the incentive directors should need to have his Bond go undercover as a club owner or something. I could see it perfectly.

3. He'll Be An Antihero

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Elba tends to favor roles that cast him as the strong and silent types that turn out to be painted more in shades of grey — even if their view of the world is completely black and white. Thus, his Bond could end up being as dark as Craig's or as Timothy Dalton's. I'm literally imagining Luthor as a Bond right now. I don't know whether I'm intrigued or scared by this image.

4. He'll Be Monogamous


In general, Elba is less about playing the flirtatious playboys and more about playing guys who are in committed relationships — or committed to one girl who might not like them back (see Luthor, see No Good Deed). He might break the playboy Bond mold by being perfectly willing to flirt with ladies for the job, but privately devoted to one Bond girl (who might be genuinely for him or secretly against him).

5. He'll Be Intelligent


I mean, that's just a given. But I could see Elba's Bond surpassing even Roger Moore's Bond in levels of intelligence that are being shown off in the plot. All of Elba's characters tend to be remarkably intelligent, whether it's about people or about facts or about both. We could be looking at a Bond who is near impossible to get the drop on — woe to his villains.

6. He'll Be Deadly


This is also a given. Is there anyone who can look at Elba and not believe that his Bond would be able to take anyone in combat, whether it's with a weapon or with his bare hands? Anyone? Yeah, I didn't think so.

7. He'll Be Adorable

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This is just a personal preference of mine, but I can totally see Elba's Bond forming an adorable relationship with a small child á la Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. And it would be adorable, and he would save that small child's life in the end, and that would be adorable. Okay, now we're getting into straight up wish fulfillment on my part, but can you blame me? When a past Bond gives you a recommendation for the role, you should pretty much have it in the bag. Hopefully, Hollywood listens to our pleas on this one.

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