Here's What Tom Hiddleston Thought of the Oscars

I've come to the point where Tom Hiddleston is on my mind about 92 percent of my day. So it's no surprise that when I was watching the Academy Awards on Sunday, I kept thinking how would Tom Hiddleston react to the Oscars? I'm sure he was watching, even if he wasn't in attendance. After all, he loves film and some of his dearest friends in the business were up for awards.

Now Hiddleston isn't the type to live tweet on occasion such as this, but I'm sure he made many a comment to the people he was watching with. And since we were deprived his presence on the actual night, I've decided to make up for things by giving you an exclusive look at how Hiddleston responded to the various big moments of the night.

In this case "exclusive look" means "I made this up" but hey, I've been a Hiddlestoner for three years so I feel like my guesses are probably pretty accurate. (And I don't need to lock them in a glass case and make Octavia Spencer watch them to prove that.) So without further ado, here's what Tom Hiddleston thought of this year's Academy Awards.

That Opening Number

Hiddleston would probably get really excited while listening to Neil Patrick Harris sing about moving pictures. It was a pretty inspirational number and Hiddleston already loves film a whole lot. This would just remind him of his passion for the arts and all that inspired him to join the industry.

The Cumberbatch Flask Joke

Don't worry, Hiddles. We all had that reaction.

The Crazy "Everything is Awesome" Performance

This is how the whole Internet felt.

The "In Memoriam" Section

Hiddleston probably knew some of those people, and was certainly inspired by others. That section is hard for anyone to watch, and I'm sure he would have gotten choked up too.

Patricia Arquette's Feminist Speech

I'd like to think Hiddles pulled a Meryl Streep in his own living room. He's passionate about gender equality, and I know he would have loved her speech.

That "Glory" Performance

Selma deserved a great many more awards (or at least nominations), in my opinion, and probably in Hiddleston's too. He told reporters at the BAFTAs that "there are some amazing performances that haven’t been nominated, like David Oyelowo," so we know he's a fan of the movie Selma. No doubt he would have been moved by "Glory" and the ensuing acceptance speech about the fight for justice.

Watching Benedict Cumberbatch Lose

Hiddleston would be really disappointed to see his good friend miss out on the prestigious award, and would probably send him an apology-laden text. "I'm really sorry you didn't win, Ben. You gave a fantastic performance. It was cloud-piercing. Give my love to Sophie. xxTom."

Seeing Eddie Redmayne Win

It's true that Hiddles would be disappointed for Cumberbatch, but he's also very good friends with Eddie Redmayne. I'm sure he'd be at home cheering on his fellow Brit for his stellar The Theory of Everything performance.

NPH's Lame Predictions Gag Coupled With the Lateness of the Hour

That payoff was so weak, that even the ever-nice Hiddles would probably be a little sarcastic in his response to it.

The Ceremony in General

He'd probably be like, "Wow that was a crazy, fun night. And now it's 5:00 AM so I am going to bed." (I'm impressed with Oscars fans around the world who stay up so late for the festivities.)

Thanks for "watching" with us Hiddles! And I can't wait to see you at the Oscars next year when you finally, and rightfully get nominated for something.

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