Justin Bieber Is Shirtless And Ripped Now, For "The Ladies" Or Something

Ya know, just the other day I was thinking to myself, "Why is it that I don't like Justin Bieber again? Is it his music, his lack of public decency, his love life?" Then, with a flash, I realized, A DUHHHH! Earth to Dale here: It's that he doesn't have enough muscles! But, luckily for me, now he does. He has loads and loads of muscles — so many so that his head looks photoshopped onto some 30-year-old bodybuilder/manorexic's muscular yet terrifying frame. Which is unsettling, to say the least. Justin Bieber instagrammed this ripped pic on Wednesday, which shows that his mission to "get bigger" is definitely working, although to me he still looks like an 8-year-old that's put on a wide brim cap and bodysuit. Ah well, that youthful look has won him countless tween and teenaged fangirls, so clearly whatever he's doing is working.

What is most disturbing about this mission-for-muscles is that Bieber uses his pre-teen sex appeal to cover the fact that he hasn't exactly been a paragon of professionalism lately. He toys with his fans, saying he wants to "get sexy for the ladies" as if he doesn't have millions of young girls slavering over him as it is. He conducts himself like someone who is nine rather than 19, but as long as he keeps adding muscle, his young fans will just eat his shit up like cake. It's sort of sickening.

The way Bieber is regarded can't help us from looking at the way we treat other pop stars of the same age. We slut-shame Miley Cyrus all the time for being inappropriate, but at least she's doing her job, which is often more than Justin Bieber can say. She puts in appearances, does shows, hosts SNL, and is pretty much anywhere the mainstream media will let her be, yet we bitch that she is the wrong type of pop star, that she's too risqué, that she's too something. Lately, Bieber hasn't done any of these things, despite a single release — now, he only makes headlines for being late to a concert or being too lazy to climb the Great Wall of China himself. But, somehow, because he has his league of 12-year-olds behind him, that's all swept under the rug. Miley Cyrus is an outrage, but Justin Bieber is just a pop star. It's insane.

Is this not the very same boy who peed in a clean-up bucket at a restaurant? Is this not the same guy who regularly disturbs his neighbors by disrespecting the law? I don't want to hate on a 19-year-old any more than necessary, but the message here seems to be that as long as Bieber looks sexy without his shirt on, whatever else he does isn't really important. And I think that sucks. Even if his new trainer is clearly very good at his job.