How Did Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio Meet? The Supposed Location Is Very Appropriate For These Two

The first photo of Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio co-existing in the same space has surfaced, so it's high time we started calling them a couple, wouldn't you say? Sure, they haven't publicly DTR-ed yet, but let's dream the totally possible dream that they're together. This leads me to the pivotal question: how did Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio meet? During a raucous night at the club? At a debaucherous party replete with women in body paint? We don't know for sure, but odds are it looked something like a combo of the two.

If we're to trust the celebrity gossip rumor mill (as one ALWAYS should, obviously), they probably linked up at a Playboy Mansion party. Sounds about right. The spark that ignited the Rih-o DeJanerio rumor fire was a story that TMZ ran back in January, alleging that Rihanna and DiCaprio were seen "gettin' super steamy and even swapping spit" at designer Nikki Erwin's 30th birthday party held at the Playboy Mansion. Then, they supposedly continued their lovefest at an afterparty. Although a friend of DiCaprio's denied that said spit-swapping occurred, two of TMZ's spies said that it totally happened.

While we can't confirm or refute this as the first rendezvous of Rih and Leo, it's very possible that this photobomb happened at the after-party, because TMZ reports that they were both in attendance.

I would LOVE to think that Rihanna was the one who convinced DiCaprio to pull that off, but that's just a celebrity pipe dream. Anywho, it seems like that party was the START of all the hookup rumor-mongering, and things grew from there.

Back in late January, Hollywood Life reported that Rihanna was supposedly bringing DiCaprio to Barbados to meet the fam after a few weeks of casual stuff. I have no idea if this is actually true, but I can say with certainty that Leo and Rihanna would probably re-enact this classic Titanic scene on a yacht in Barbados IF this trip actually happened.

Before we get our hopes up too high, let's remember that nobody in either DiCaprio or Rihanna's camp have confirmed or denied the chatter. However, recent developments give us plenty of reasons to shoot our expectations back through the roof again. On March 2, pictures surfaced of the actor nearby Rihanna at her 26th birthday party. As we all know, inviting a new dude to your birthday party is a big deal. Just saying.

So while there isn't a definitive answer yet, we can speculate that this maybe-romance/maybe-casual-hookup situation started with some alleged hooking up at a Playboy mansion birthday party. YOLO, guys!

Image: Getty Images (2)