Who Will Be At 'After The Final Rose'?

After possibly the most chaotic season of The Bachelor, no thanks to Mr. Enthusiasm Chris Soules, one woman — either Whitney or Becca — will walk away with Chris' heart. Probably. Most likely not. The finale of The Bachelor is an incredibly drawn out episode that leaves fans emotionally drained by the time the final 15 minutes come around (aka the most important minutes). The real show happens after the final episode, in the live Bachelor: After The Final Rose show when the couple gets to debut themselves for the first time. It's like a coming out party for two people who might not even make it in love. So beyond the happy couple, who can we expect to show up to the After The Final Rose?

The After The Final Rose show is my favorite version of every Bachelor show the franchise has. Usually, scorned lovers show up and say something outrageous (see: Nick at Andi's After The Final Rose ). More often than not the chemistry between the couple is about as explosive as adding a test tube of water to a beaker of water (see: When Juan Pablo was very much in like with Nikki). And very rarely (like so rarely it just happened that one time) will the amazing happen, the Bachelor will change his mind (live) and dump one girl and pick the other. Man, that really was the most dramatic Bachelor episode ever.

So who are the players in this year's After The Final Rose? Expect to see these familiar faces.

Duh: Chris Soules

Obviously. If Chris didn't show up for The Bachelor: After The Final Rose, did it really even happen?


Will she be the winner, though? There are a lot of things that seem to work between Whitney and Chris, she's basically already packed her bags for Iowa, but her job and family are really important to her... and Iowa doesn't have either of those things. Win or lose, Whitney is going to be a great person to have at the After The Final Rose, since she's never been one to hide how she feels.


Becca looked as good as gone on the final three episode, but Chris saving her might speak to a potential final decision, right? Then again, Becca is a little more closed off and reserved when it comes to moving to Iowa, and Chris wants whoever he picks to have their passports ready (you need a passport to get to Arlington, right?). That might be a deal breaker.

The New Bachelorette

Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn. My hope is that whoever it turns out to be (Kaitlyn) comes out ready to add some spice to a bland bowl of chili.

Andi (Please?)

Andi has moved out of Georgia to New York City, so she's going to have to make a long trip to Los Angeles, but something tells me ABC is willing to foot that bill if they can get even more one-on-one time between Chris Harrison and Andi for the cameras. How is Andi doing with her new life in New York? Is it a New Andi in New York? What's the deal with her and Nick Viall?

Jimmy Kimmel

Because the best couple on the show this season was Kimmel and Chris. Hands down

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