Theory: The Big A Reveal Will Be Mona Because The 'Pretty Little Liars' Engima Has Been Playing Us This Whole Time

You guys, we’re just mere weeks away from finding out who A is on Pretty Little Liars. This is not to be confused with all of the other times that we thought we were finding out who A was: It’s really going to happen now. The social media-primed Big A Reveal is just a little while off. And if you ask me, Mona will be the one revealed as Uber A. Of course, there is plenty of speculation as to who has been torturing these high school students for more than 100 episodes, but I'm pretty stuck on this theory.

The Internet abounds with many Pretty Little Liars A theories: For a time, Ezra was fingered as the culprit when we found out that he dated Ali, called her “Holly Golightly," and wrote a book about her, only to go on to date Aria. Next, after Ali came back from the dead (spoiler alert, just kidding), all eyes were on her as Uber A: Was being A just a part of a big game that Ali was constructing to mess with everyone? We've also flirted with the possibility that Melissa Hastings (Torrey Devitto is crazy scary, y’all), Jason DiLaurentis, Jessica DiLaurentis, and Mike Montgomery were A, so, basically anyone any of the liars has ever met is a suspect. But we’ve all been barking up the wrong tree for about… three seasons now, because I know who A is, and she's been under our noses this whole time.

Mona Vanderwaal is A. There, I said it. Mona is Keyser Soze, under our noses this whole time.

Back in Season 2 (which feels like an epically long time ago), Mona admitted to Spencer that she was A, because Mona was basically caught in that weird trailer red-handed (or so we thought). But that was actually part of a much bigger ruse that Mona built, a plan that is playing out before our eyes now. Think about it: It’s no secret that Ali tortured Mona before she disappeared — Ali was horrific to basically everyone. Mona is a skilled hacker and a genius (minus a personality disorder that Dr. Williams diagnosed when she was in Radley), so she set about figuring out how to ruin not only Ali’s life, but also the lives of Alison’s friends, who, while not outright torturing her, weren’t exactly cool to her (minus Hanna, of course).

On the night that Ali was attacked and disappeared, Mona was the one that encouraged Ali to leave: Whether Mona expected this or not, this act eliminated Ali from the picture and allowed Mona to focus on the other liars. Because Mona was the only one besides CeCe Drake who knew that Ali was still alive, she could say and do whatever she wanted in relation to Ali and no one would be the wiser. When Mona was caught in the aforementioned trailer, Mona made it seem like she was a small part of a much bigger team because she realized that this was as far as she could go while being an enemy of the girls: It’s much easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar.

Then, being admitted to Radley was also another genius step: Who would suspect the crazy girl? So, post Radley, Mona gathered intel on Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna, all the while pretending to, at the least, be an ally. She even dated Mike Montgomery, Aria’s brother, to get in closer to the group. By pretending that she was one of them, Mona was granted unprecedented access to the liars.

When Ali finally came back to Rosewood, Mona faked her own death as a ploy to put Ali in jail, and, so far, her plans are working. Mona has Ali running scared (while, you know, still in jail), and I don’t think that even Ali knows what she is up against. Mona is really good at playing the hurt party, mostly because all of Rosewood has been personally victimized by their very own Regina George, Alison DiLaurentis. Who would believe that Mona is a calculating, cold-blooded mastermind?

Puppetmaster Mona is also slowly driving the other girls slowly insane, gaslighting them with fake blood and erased hard drives: Why is Hanna the first one to be put in jail after Ali? Because Hanna abandoned Mona for the liars. Mona’s out for blood, people, and it’s only a matter of time before she is revealed as the uber A.

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