Get a Makeup-Free Face in 10 Seconds

Hey friends, it's me again — you know, the girl that took on Halloween makeup like it was her job (okay, it was) and transformed into a fairy last week. And a zombie. And a vampire. And a witch. Oh, and a cat.

While I truly love my amateur experimentation in the world of makeup, I gotta say, it's tough on the skin. A little mascara is one thing, but a full face of makeup — whether it's your regular foundation/blush/highlighter combo, or pale white vampire skin — can be hard to get off, resulting in irritated, scrubbed-raw skin that's just crying out for a little hydration. Well, here's how to remove an entire face of makeup in mere seconds, while simultaneously giving yourself a mini facial.

Call it win-win, call it secrets of your neighborhood witch, but make sure to do it next time you get a little crazy with the contouring.

1. Turn on the hot water and let it run for a while. You'll want it practically steaming.

2. Grab an old washcloth and a bottle of olive oil.

3. Pull yer hair back.

4. Pour a healthy splash of olive oil in your hand.

5. Rub the oil all over your face. The makeup will immediately start to smear off, and it won't be pretty. Lips, brows, eyelashes — get oil everywhere. Except on your eyeballs! It feels really weird.

6. Soak the washcloth in the hottest water you can stand, and gently wipe the makeup residue off. Once it's all gone, lay the hot washcloth over your face for a few seconds.

Ah, purified skin, clean complexion, and nary a trace of your inner vampire.