Cookie May Be Using Malcolm On 'Empire,' If She's Willing To Do Anything To Get Her Company Back

Anyone who has seen five minutes of Empire knows that there is no holding Cookie back. From the moment she got out of prison (13 years early, no less) she has been gunning for one thing: to get what’s hers. Her latest target seems to be hunky bodyguard Malcolm, and who can blame her for wanting to get a little action from someone who isn’t a murdering jerk? But is romance all she is really looking for? I doubt it. We’ve seen Cookie do all kinds of surprising things to try and get control her of life, including working with the Feds to get out of jail before Empire went public. I think Cookie is using Malcolm to help her gain the 50 percent control of the company that she lost when she went to jail.

With the IPO papers still not signed and her sons fighting with Lucious more than ever, Cookie is in an excellent position to up her shares, and Malcolm could play a huge role in that. Not only does Malcolm serve as an ally for Cookie in the cutthroat company, he could also provide her with the dirty details of what Lucious is really up to. Let’s face it, not everything he does is exactly legal, and his behavior has already made a few enemies. Now that Malcolm is always by his side, he could give Cookie all the intel she needs.

If that's the case, Cookie would not only get some serious blackmail on Lucious, but she could hit him where it hurts: his ridiculously huge ego. There is no way Lucious will take his ex-wife hooking up with his security guard gracefully, and his pride has always been a weakness. Malcolm is younger, stronger, and completely gorgeous. It would be sweet revenge for Cookie to throw that in Lucious' face after how he treated her both in jail and when she was released.

Look, Cookie and Malcolm's burgeoning romance could be exactly what it seems like: a strong woman looking for love from a man who has never hurt her or her sons. But this is Cookie we are talking about, someone who always brings the drama, so I doubt it. Plus, I'm hoping she succeeds in wrestling some real power for herself. Forget Lucious, Andre, Hakeem, and yes, even Jamal. Let Cookie run Empire and show them all how its done. Team Cookie!

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; Giphy (3)