When Does 'Mindy Project' Season 4 Premiere? Don't Get Too Dramatic, But It Hasn't Technically Been Renewed Yet

In the immortal words of Badfinger (...and Harry Nilsson and Mariah Carey), I can't live if living is without Mindy — but with The Mindy Project season finale airing on Tuesday, March 24, I know it's an upcoming harsh reality. So with Season 3 wrapping up with Mindy carrying Danny's baby and an impending wedding, I really need to know when the Season 4 premiere of The Mindy Project will air, and more importantly that it will air. This is all a bit complicated because The Mindy Project hasn't actually been renewed for Season 4 yet. Seriously, I can go a few months without Mindy, but living in a world without The Mindy Project EVER returning? Uh, no thanks.

Luckily, star and creator Mindy Kaling doesn't think that the Season 3 finale will be the series finale. Kaling told the Los Angeles Times over the phone:

Maybe some people thought, "You should wrap it up just in case." ... But I'm not that type of person who can operate under the assumption of failure. If it's going to lead to more stories or it doesn't, I'll sort of face that when the time comes. I want to see them again. And I don't want to write from the point of view of it ending if I don't believe this is the end.

As per usual, Kaling and I are on the exact same page since I also don't believe this is the end of The Mindy Project. And how could it be? Yeah, some people may have complaints over the inconsistencies of the show (hey — remember when Anna Camp and Kelen Coleman were Mindy's best friends?), but I've never not laughed while watching an episode. And let's be real — the stars of Mindy have always been Mindy, Danny, and Morgan. As long as those crazy kids are involved in the show, I'm in.

Of course, if The Mindy Project does end with Season 3, fans will be upset (understatement of the 2010s), but based on an interview Kaling gave with Yahoo TV, it could be even worse than expected. When asked if Kaling (or fans) would be satisfied with the Season 3 episode if it turns out to be the last show ever of the series, Kaling said, "Listen, I loved our season and I think it is a good finale, but it is a cliffhanger and the people who watch will want to know what happens to these characters."

So, what Kaling is saying is that if the show ends now, fans wouldn't just be losing one of the most relatable female characters to have ever graced our TVs, but we'd be forced to wonder what happened to her for all of time? Unacceptable!

But, guys. Let's not get too concerned here. The Mindy Project's future has never been certain and Kaling also told Yahoo TV, "I have only ever done a show that I love. I have never had to change anything to try to stay on the air. ... I am very cheerful and confident, so I feel very good about our chances for Season 4."

Back in Nov. 2014, Zap2It's TV By The Numbers said that The Mindy Project was "certain to be renewed by May, 2015," which means we have two more months before we really need to get worried. When The Mindy Project does get renewed (note that I say "when" not "if"), the show should be back on Fox in September 2015. The first three seasons of Mindy all premiered in September, so I don't see any reason why Season 4 would be different.

Now, if Fox decided to be completely evil and cancel my beloved The Mindy Project — I still will not fret. With Netflix picking up Arrested Development years after it was canceled by Fox (Season 4 wasn't as good as the original AD, but it was something) and with Yahoo taking on Community, I would think that Kaling could move her hilarious sitcom to another platform. (Kaling is a modern, TV-loving lady after all.)

Let's just hope that's not the case. With the cliffhanger Season 3 finale airing on Tuesday and it bringing back so many of Mindy's exes (Max Greenfield, Tommy Dewey, Anders Holm, and B.J. Novak will all be on the episode!) and debates happening on whether the wedding in the episode will be Peter's — or if it will be Mindy and Danny's — I will need some serious closure. And that closure better come in the form of a fourth season.

Images: John P. Fleenor/FOX; tmpgifs (2), thatslutinthearmchair, niveaserrao/Tumblr