Is Varjack Big A On 'Pretty Little Liars'? That Wouldn't Leave Much Mystery After The Big Reveal, Now Would It

For weeks and weeks now, Pretty Little Liars fans have been racking their brains with various Varjack identity theories, ranging from Ezra and Aria to even our favorite shifty Brit across the pond. (Hi Wren!) And while Tuesday night's Season 5 finale "Welcome to the Dollhouse" will reveal Big A finally, I'm not so sure the same can be said for Varjack as well. You see, some viewers have been quick to assume that Varjack and Big A are the same person, given that Cyrus named Varjack as his attacker. But we all know by now that A has many, many minions at this point, which means Varjack could simply be another cog in A's vendetta-fueled machine.

Of course, I'm not saying we should completely dismiss the idea of these two different identities being the same person. For all we know, A has, in fact, been using Varjack as an alias. (After all, you can't spell Varjack without using an A or two.) I'm simply trying to remind everyone (myself included) that either option is completely possible. Though, if I had to venture a guess on my own, I'd say that A and Varjack are two completely different people, and here's why…

It Would Leave Viewers With Another Mystery To Solve

We may know the identity of A from here on out, but I have a feeling Marlene King will still want to keep us in the dark about some things — like Varjack's identity, for example. We've waited so long just to find out who A is, it seems unlikely we'd get two mysterious solved all at once. This show likes to make us work for it, and putting all their mysteries in one identity basket would be totally out of character. Sure, it'd still be fun to be in on a secret even the Liars aren't privy to, but the series just wouldn't be the same if we didn't at least have something or someone to theorize about.

A Is Known For Using Red Herrings

A always seems to be two steps ahead of the Liars, usually because he/she is never working alone. As a mentioned earlier, A has several minions at his/her disposal, which makes it entirely possible for Varjak to be a different threat altogether. The two of them could easily be working together. Perhaps A even uses Varjak to throw the Liars off his/her scent. (Also, won't it be great when we know which pronoun to use?!) Either way, making this a team effort allows them the opportunity to pose an even greater threat.

It Offers Up A New & Exciting Twist

How crazy would it be to discover that A is actually working for Varjack and not the other way around? This whole time we've been sure that Big A is the brains behind this entire operation, but what if that's not the case at all? What if A is actually taking orders from someone and that person is Varjack? It certainly sounds like the kind of twist this series would throw at us. Sure, it could end up lessening the importance of Big A's reveal, but at the same time, it would give us another big bad mystery to hone in on and propel the storyline further in new and complexing ways.

Varjack Is Actually An Ally

Then there's always the possibility that A and Varjack are actually enemies. We assume that they are either:

a.) the same person or

b.) in cahoots with each other, given that Cyrus wrote Varjack's name down on a tiny piece of paper.

But what if he wasn't warning the Liars against this Varjack person, but rather trying to tell them who to reach out to for help? Later we see A shredding Varjack documents. Is that A simply trying to protect that identity or eliminate it as an opposing threat? Anything is possible at this point. (Heck, I'm starting to wonder if maybe my roommate is part of this whole conspiracy.)

Regardless of this character's purpose, though, Varjack and A feel like two separate entities to me. Having them both be the same person seems a little too easy for a show as complicated as this. The writers may be willing to divulge A's secret, but Varjack's, on the other hand, may be one mystery they'll take to the grave… or at least until the series finale.

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