Are Charles & Varjack Working Together On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Big A May Finally Meet His Match

It's never easy being a Pretty Little Liars fan. Just when one mystery gets solved, another thousand pop up in its place — a fact that was proven ten times over when "Welcome to the Dollhouse" revealed that A is not only Charles DiLaurentis, but also Jason's twin. (Hey, the more Jason lookalikes in this world, the better IMO.) And while we unfortunately didn't get a look at his actual face (which could still totally be someone we already know), I'm also very curious as to how Varjack factors into this whole equation. Are Varjack and Charles working together or have the Liars finally found a powerful ally? It's still a little early to know for sure, but if I were to venture a guess I'd say this mysterious character is actually one of the good guys.

Being the super smart PLL fans that you are, you probably noticed the lack of Varjack talk throughout the entire Season 5 finale. Granted, the writers were a little busy building up to the big Charles is A reveal, but to not mention Varjack at all? That felt more than a little suspicious, especially since the name became such an important clue throughout the last few episodes. Sure, I suppose you could conclude that Charles, A, and Varjack are all the same person. But that feels a little too easy, especially for a series as complex and unpredictable as this. No, I'm betting that Varjack was watching everything play out behind the scenes and could actually be the one to help bring our Liars home safely.

You see, here's the thing: Cyrus appeared to name Varjack as his attacker after writing the name on a piece of paper for Aria and Hanna. Noticed how I used the word "appeared," though. He didn't actually come right out and say that this is the name of his attacker. For all we know, he was writing down the identity of the one person who could help them stop A. Maybe that's why he was attacked in the first place — because he was working with Varjack to defeat A. I mean, we should all know by now that just because someone is acting shady, doesn't mean that they're not one of the good guys. (This show loves a good bait and switch like that.)

But that still doesn't explain why Varjack is so invested in A's business. Where's his/her motivation to go up against such a formidable foe? I have a feeling Sara Harvey has something to do with it. If you recall, Sara's whereabouts still remain unknown, which means she could:

a.) be Varjack herself OR

b.) Varjack is a relative of Sara's on a mission to track her down.

We all know there has to be some sort of Varjack-Sara connection given that the phone number Emily found spells out the name Sara Harvey. That can't be a coincidence. Perhaps A kidnapped Sara given that she not only looks like Alison, but even possesses similar personality traits. (Don't forget that the Liars might not be the only captives in that human-sized dollhouse.) What if Varjack figured out that A was behind her disappearance and is doing everything in his/her power to rescue her? It would certainly help explain Andrew's odd behavior in the finale and why he was hovering around Mona's house a few weeks back. (Plus there's the whole Campbell Farm thing.)

For all we know, he is Varjack and figured finding Mona would help him to find A. Yeah, I guess it could still be Ezra because of the whole Breakfast at Tiffany's connection. But maybe that's just a little too on-the-nose. That could simply be what the writers want us to think. (Kinda like how it'd be easy to immediately assume Andrew is Jason's twin.) There's more to his curious behavior than meets the eye, which is why I'm betting that he and Varjack may not only be the same person, but they could also be the unsung heroes of this entire show.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; prettylittleliars/Tumblr (4)