6 Pop Band Breakups That Were Just As Devastating As Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction

No matter how many creative euphemisms I try to come up with, my mind flatly refuses to dispense a suitable frilly literary disguise to conceal the fact that breakups unequivocally suck, especially when it comes to music groups. But what makes those situations 10 million times worse is the fact that due to the nature of the industry, pop music band breakups all pretty much happen publicly, like with Zayn Malik announcing his departure from One Direction. When the split takes place in front of the world, it basically invites any and everyone to chime in on what they think happened, who deserves the blame and how life will be absolutely unfit to live without the presence of [insert newly disbanded group here].Since I have coped with the pangs of post-favorite group breakups on numerous occasions, I completely empathize with the Directioners' bleeding hearts — but at least the band's still intact. To fans, it may feel like One Direction without Malik is akin to an airplane that's missing a wing, but I'm pretty sure they'll be just fine as a foursome.I mean, just imagine if One Direction called it quits altogether and suddenly became known as No Direction? Now that just might be awful enough to land them on this list of 6 devastating band breakups:


The guys tore up our hearts in the 200s and continually tease them with talks of a reunion as well as new music coming sometime in 2015.

Danity Kane

I was nearly damaged beyond repair when Danity Kane broke up for a second (and final) time.

The Jonas Brothers

When JoBros announced they were a no-go, the split might've reeked of a publicity stunt, broke hearts nonetheless.

Spice Girls

This one comes to mind because people seems to really, really want them back together again....but ppl are saying they're coming back together so who knows.

Backstreet Boys

Tell me, WHYYY did BSB have to break up? Oh wait—they're back. *dries tears*

Destiny's Child

The Destiny Child's breakup marked the end of an era but DC3 fans can still manage to sleep at night because...Beyoncé.

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