Your 'Walking Dead' Season 5 Finale Drinking Game

There is only one way to honor the ending of The Walking Dead Season 5 on Sunday, March 29 — and that's with a Walking Dead finale drinking game. That's right, folks. With the Season 5 finale of The Walking Dead being a glorious 90 minutes long, you'll have an extra half hour of show — and drinking — than normal. And sure, it's a Sunday night and you probably have to work in the morning, but as The Walking Dead has shown us, the zombie apocalypse could befall on us at anytime — so you might as well live it up.

Of course, I promote responsible drinking, but there is something about incredible tragedies that can lead some people to drink. And the people on The Walking Dead are pretty much constantly living in a state of incredible tragedies — so imagine that you are doing this drinking game for your favorite characters. With craziness occurring outside and inside of the walls of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, fans can expect big things from the Season 5 finale. To prepare yourself for this drinking game, you will need plenty of the drink of your choice, liquor to take a shot of, and a strong stomach (since I don't think alcohol and copious amounts of zombie blood pair well together).

So let's do what is never advisable for our friends on The Walking Dead to do — get our drink on — with The Walking Dead season finale drinking game.

If There's A Judith Spotting — Drink

It's what Lori would have wanted. (Too soon?)

Every Time Daryl Makes You Swoon With His Muscular Arms — Chug

I'll drink to that!

Anytime A Character Says The Word "Forget" — Drink

As my fellow Bustle writer Leah Thomas noted, Season 5 has been hammering the theme of "forgetting" into our non-zombified skulls, so you might as well get hammered . . . (nailed it!). And guess what? It still won't make you forget that Beth died.

If Michonne Busts Out Her Sword — Slurp Down Your Drink

Mmmm, goes down as smooth as canned cheese spray.

Whenever You Forget It's A 90-Minute Long Episode — Take A Sip

"For the love of zombies, this season better not end like that! Oh, wait. We have 45 minutes left to go. Might as well drink about it."

When Rick Inevitably Does Something Super Badass — Take A Shot

Rick's face will be covered in blood, while your face will be covered in booze.

If Carol Kills A Kid — Or Kills A Dad In Front Of His Kid — Double Fist

Just look at the flowers, Pete. (JK, Rick will probably kill Pete. And in that case, you should definitely still drink.)

When There's A Zombie Killing Spree — Drink For The Duration Of The Killing Spree

I'm sure your boss will understand on Monday that it was The Walking Dead season finale.

Whenever You See A W-Branded Walker — Assign Someone Else To Drink

More and more walkers with Ws on their foreheads keep showing up. We're all significantly creeped out by it, so why not help a friend out and make them drink?

If Morgan Shows Up — Clear Your Drink

Just like Morgan tries to clear the area around him of zombies, you will try to clear your drink when he shows up again.

If The Mysterious Wolves Appear — Take A Shot

There is no evidence that these theorized Wolves even exist, but if they do — and if they arrive in Alexandria — you're going to have a hungover Monday morning.

When Chris Hardwick Interrupts Your Buzz With A Talking Dead Promo — Drink

Sorry, Hardwick, but I'm too in the zone to worry about who is on Talking Dead right now! (Unless it's a major character that is going to die...)

If A Major Character Dies — Finish Your Drink & Pour Yourself Another

Producer Gale Anne Hurd told Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly that the season finale will have "a few surprises and some sad losses that no one, I think, will be able to predict." Ah! If The Walking Dead kills off a major character (or two), mourn them in the best way possible — by drinking. Then maybe chuck a bottle of peach schnapps since you'll have to wait for Season 6 to know what happens next.

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