If Zayn Malik Goes Solo, He Should Definitely Consider Including These Things In His Career

The corpse of his One Direction career was still warm in its grave when Zayn Malik started talking up his debut as a solo artist. Zayn just left One Direction because he wanted to be a normal, 22 year old and be able to live a more private life. Now he's boasting about his solo career. Zayn's solo career is thus far an enigma but there are a few things we need to see from Zayn Malik's solo career debut.

I am beside myself with speculation as to how Zayn will fare as a solo artist. Zayn's career now hangs in the balance. Will he become a Justin or a JC? Will he be the Beyonce or the Michelle of 1D? I know, I know: We're all still over here barely coping with the shock of Zayn's departure. How do we learn to deal with One Direction's tumultuous shake-up? It's probably asking way too much to even request that you comprehend how Zayn's career will go as a solo artist right now.

But Zayn apparently didn't think anyone needed a grieving period because basically right after his departure from One Direction, he was talking up his new solo music, saying it was going to "blow fans' minds."

Whether my mind will be blown remains to be seen but if it is going to be blown, I have a few stipulations Zayn must meet in order to truly wow me.

More Mature Music

While One Direction was undeniably great at their style of music, I hope that Zayn brings on some more mature musical content — a different sound to fit in with his new career.

More of Zayn's Smoldering Good Looks

This one won't require much. Really, Zayn could stand there and do nothing and I would be appeased.

A Larger Stage Presence

There's a big difference between being a part of a dynamic five-some and standing out on your own as a solo artist. Zayn is used to sharing the spotlight, not being at the center of it. If he's going to succeed as a solo artist and not become a part of the washed up former boy band members club headed by club president, Nick Carter, then he's going to have to step it up and learn to have a more commanding presence as a performer.

Killer Dance Moves

If Justin Timberlake taught us anything, it was that, in the post-boy band stages of an artist's life, only the truly talented could succeed. In order to be a Justin and not a JC, you had to be a jack of all trades and capture the hearts of the world. Part of Justin's appeal was his killer dance moves, which, along with his sultry voice, became a part of his signature style as he explored his personal brand after parting from *NSYNC. Zayn will have to do the same and be on top of his game if he's going to make it big as a solo artist. And that includes some epic dance moves.

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