6 'Once Upon a Time' Actors Who Could Play Christian Grey Too

He started as a rough motorcycle club president and transformed into an Irish sheriff and huntsman. Yes, indeed: Christian Grey has been going through a lot of changes lately. When Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the 50 Shades of Grey movie for "scheduling conflicts" following some backlash, fans not-so-patiently waited for news of who would star opposite Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele. Now it seems that Jamie Dornan will be playing Christian Grey... if he sticks around until filming starts.

The Irish actor, who definitely has the looks to play Grey, can currently be seen on BBC Two's The Fall and was previously on the first season of ABC's Once Upon A Time. There's obviously more to him than that, but Once Upon A Time was one of his first major roles, and might just be where his sexiness was first discovered.

As Sheriff Graham, Dornan charmed audiences, Regina, and Emma with his painfully tight jeans and amazing accent. When we saw his fairy tale identity was an animal-loving huntsman, well, that just made us love him even more. And that's an achievement, mind you: Considering almost every single male character on Once Upon a Time is ridiculously attractive, it's an impressive feat to stand out as Dornan had.

But, speaking of, the Fifty Shades filmmakers could've randomly chosen any of the men of Once Upon A Time and had an excellent Christian Grey — well, except Rumplestiltskin (sorry Robert Carlyle). So, in the off-chance that Dornan doesn't stay put on Fifty Shades' set (as seems to be the thing to do these days), let's take a look at the choices. But first, just a reminder of their competition:

Jamie Dornan: Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman

First, we knew him as the sheriff of Storybrooke who apparently was into some weird stuff, because he was sleeping with Regina — though not exactly by choice. It's complicated, but, anyway, he was scruffy and sexy.

Then, via a signature OUAT fairy tale flashback, we learned that Graham was really the huntsman who spared Snow White's life. You know, the one that Chris Hemsworth played in that movie with Kristen Stewart? Dornan was even hotter in the old-fashioned hunting gear as he fought to save Snow and wolves. Hopefully he can pull off a Grey suit just as well.

Michael Raymond James: Neal Cassady/Grown-Up Baelfire

Okay, so he doesn't exude sexiness the way Dornan does, but he's still pretty hot. Especially when he's angry, which Neal is pretty frequently. I guess that's what happens when your dad is "the dark one" and repeatedly abandons you. Maybe he could find a way to work out some of those issues in 50 Shades...

Bonus: he knows how to tie knots.

Eion Bailey: August W. Booth/Adult Pinocchio

When August first came into Storybrooke on his motorcycle, he was dark and mysterious. He even peaked Emma's interest when she was even more emotionless than she is now. How could she resist? Look at those eyes.

And he's clearly comfortable in leather. There's just one problem: August doesn't exist anymore, because the blue fairy turned him back into Pinocchio — eight-year-old Pinocchio. It was really disappointing for OUAT fans, but at least Bailey is free if things don't work out with Dornan.

Josh Dallas: David Nolan/Prince Charming

Dallas is the leading man on the show for a reason. He's inarguably handsome, and in a very classic way. Even co-star Ginnifer Goodwin couldn't resist, and now they're a couple onscreen and off. His character, David, was pretty annoying during Season 1, but since he's remembered that he's actually a prince, things have gotten much better.

The only potential issue is if Dallas could break out of the goody-goody persona of Charming to be the darker, more conflicted Grey.

Sebastian Stan: Jefferson/the Mad Hatter

If you recognize Stan and all his brooding hotness, it's from probably from his recurring role as Carter on Gossip Girl or Bucky from Captain America and its upcoming sequel. On OUAT, he managed to make the Mad Hatter more sexy than creepy. He did drug Emma and tie her up once, but it was just to make her help him get his daughter back. Still, that's a skill that would come in handy for 50 Shades.

Sean Maguire: Robin Hood

The newest attractive addition to the ever-growing OUAT cast, Maguire made fans want to join his troop of merry men. At first he seemed a little too wholesome to ever be considered for Grey, with the whole helping-the-poor, great dad thing, but then we found out he's actually Regina's soulmate. You know that anyone meant to be with the evil queen is hiding some dark stuff.

Colin O'Donoghue: Killian Jones/Captain Hook

Finally, we have the last and greatest contender. Only someone who looks like Donoghue could take a one-handed villian and turn them into OUAT's ultimate heartthrob. Fans have become obsessed with Hook, and with good reason. I personally am still working out the complicated feelings that come with being so attracted to someone I had previously feared for most of my life.

Is the eyeliner a little much? Sure, but have you seen the show? You barely even notice it when Hook has the swagger and constant flirty banter to pull it off. Almost every word that comes out of his mouth is laced with double meaning, and if Donogue can keep up with Hook's constant changing from good guy to bad, he could easily pull off Grey.

IT'S MEANT TO BE. Please Fifty Shades producers, at least consider him as backup if the huntsman just doesn't cut it. Understudy? Stunt double?