Hillary Clinton & Kim Kardashian's Break The Internet Moments Are More Similar Than You'd Think

Sunday isn't usually anyone's favorite day of the week. After all, it signals the end of the weekend and the beginning of another long work week to get to next weekend, and that's never fun. However, things are a bit different this week: Hillary Clinton announced her campaign for the presidency today, making Sunday officially the best day EVER. It's the news we've been waiting for — and building up to — for what seems like an eternity, and now the official confirmation that Clinton is indeed running for the highest office in the land is everywhere you look online. In fact, you could probably say that Hillary Clinton broke the internet, just like Kim Kardashian — and they're actually not all that different.

Kardashian broke the Internet some months back, though for entirely different reasons than Hillary. She unveiled... well, pretty much everything in a series of nude photos published by Paper Magazine back in November 2014. The photos were all anyone could talk about, much like Clinton herself. And while it might seem that a reality star has little in common with a seasoned politician, that's not totally the case — in fact, their big Internet-breaking days are actually alike in a lot of ways, if you really think about it.

How they're the same

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Clinton and Kardashian occupy completely different worlds, and completely different spaces in the public consciousness, but they're still two of the most recognizable figures around the world by people of all ages. To break the Internet, you've got to do something big — we're talking massively big — that changes the course of our day and stands out from the endless stream of crap circulating online at any given moment.

For Kim, breaking the internet was the result of her baring it all and leaving nothing to the imagination. Whether for the sake of art or self-gratification, Kardashian laid it all out there knowing some people just weren't going to "get it" and would have something negative to say. Clinton faces the same battle, albeit on a slightly different playing field. Plenty of people will think Clinton isn't fit to be president, but some people will hear her platform and think it's great, and that's what matters.

How they're different

This is probably a bit obvious, but let's be clear: Kim Kardashian and Hillary Clinton are two completely different women with different goals and priorities in life — and that's OK! Kardashian is a businesswoman whose product is herself and her own body. Her goal is making money and expanding her image, which is the entirety of her brand around the world — and why shouldn't she? She's beautiful and she's good at what she does. If a mere photo of her can break the internet, I think that indicates she's doing something right.

Clinton's goals are varied and plentiful, but they all center on the same issue: changing the political system as we know it and thereby changing the country. She aims to ensure equal footing for women and other minorities, and to balance the scales a bit more towards those who've been worse off for far too long. She aims to attain the ultimate power there is in order to do it, too: the office of the presidency. Running the United States as a country is on a different level than running the US tabloid scene, but we've each got our niche in life, and these women know theirs.

How they're totally ballsy, either way

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Regardless of how far we've come as a nation, one thing's for sure: society still holds ideas about women, from what they wear and how they should act to what jobs they can do. In Kardashian's case, she's consistently shut down the idea that a woman can't be sexy and proud of her body, even if it doesn't conform to a fashion magazine standard. While Kardashian wasn't the first celebrity to go fully nude, the fact that she did it so joyfully and accepting of her flaws makes her statement more beautiful than ever — and thus the fact that it broke the Internet all the more important.

As for Clinton, her courage is apparent. Again, she's not the first woman to run for president, and this isn't even her first time at the rodeo, as they say. However, politics is still an incredibly male-dominated field, and, sadly, a whole lot of people think women have no business attempting to be part of it — let alone lead the entire country. Whether or not she wins or loses, her campaign can only serve to increase visibility for women in politics and hopefully open the minds to those who think we can't be smart, strong, and amazing leaders.

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