North West Is Getting ALL Of Kim's Old Gowns

If we're talking about someone who has it all, it's probably fair to mention 2-year-old North West. Granted, she can't really do anything yet (she's 2, guys), but she's got a lot going for her tiny, cute self. Her parents? Kind of cool, I guess. Even better? Her mom, little-known celebrity and all-around attractive person Kim Kardashian, is saving all of her clothes for North in an archive. A designer clothing archive for her future, and she's barely been alive for two years. That's one lucky tiny human.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Kardashian said that she's saving everything from North West, including the shoes that went with certain looks. What memorable looks in particular, you ask? The gown she wore on the cover of Vogue , her Givenchy wedding dress (swoon), and all of her Met Gala gowns (which she kept) to name a few. Many celebrities are known for borrowing designer pieces for red carpet appearances or magazine covers, but not Kim Kardashian. Why do that when you can afford to create an archive for your daughter's future? Exactly.

So not only is North West the most stylish (almost) 2-year-old in all the world, she also has an extremely fashionable future in store for her angsty teenage years. I can see it now, "Mom, really? This Givenchy dress is just not going to cut it for tonight. How about the Vogue cover gown? PLEASE." Something like that.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Personally, I'm a little jealous. I mean, she might not have a normal childhood or any privacy ever for the rest of her life, but, hey, she's going to have a kick-ass vintage designer closet. So at least there's that.