5 Best Cities For A Bachelorette Beyond Vegas

So you're getting married. Your single days spent crying with a bottle of wine over the latest loser is now nothing but a distant memory. Now that you're tying the knot, it's time to celebrate with an awesome bachelorette party. Neon lights! Gambling! Vegas! What, you don't want to go to Vegas? Well, fine, not everyone can appreciate Elvis impersonators and faux Eiffel Towers. If your idea of celebrating your impending nuptials does not involve the tacky splendor of Las Vegas, don’t worry we’re here to save you. We're here to share a bunch of good cities for bachelorette parties.

There is an array of other lovely places for brides-to-be that do not involve drinking too much and making out with a rando. Even if you are looking to make your bachelorette party the biggest bash since that one crazy NYE where you ended up hugging the toilet, there’s no reason you can’t do it in a city with a little more class than crass.

Whether you’re a foodie, a shopper, or an art lover there is a city out there just waiting to host your bachelorette party weekend. So what are you waiting for? Get those tiaras ready! Just kidding. Sort of.

1. For the Foodie: Charleston, SC

If your idea of a good time is pretending you’re Anthony Bourdain, Charleston has got your number. This gorgeous town is known for many things; its stunning cobblestone streets, beautiful homes, it’s history as a pirate capital, and it’s Ah-Mazing food scene. From fine dining to more down home cooking, Charleston has it all. After you stuff your face silly, you can hit one of the city’s many wine bars. Or take a cooking class so you can learn how to cook low country food for yourself and impress all your friends with all your mad cooking skills. If you feel the need to work off all those extra calories, you can even go surfing at nearby Folly Beach and let your girlfriends pick up some surfers.

2. For the Music Lover: Nashville, TN

Music lovers rejoice! If you feel more at home at live venue than your own living room, Nashville is calling your name. Nashville is rife with music clubs and whether you’re a country fan or rocker chick, Nashville has something for you. Put on your ten-gallon hat and cowboy boots and head over to Lower Broadway where you catch plenty of honky-tonk and country. Thanks to musicians like The Black Keys, Jack White and Kings of Leon making their home in Nashville, rock music has taken a firm hold on this once solely-country town.

For the Sun Worshipper: Miami

South Beach is like a one-stop shop for all things bachelorette-related; shopping, nightlife, dining, and of course sand. Everything is within walking distance. For you wannabe bronzed goddesses, South Beach is the place to go for relaxation and partying. It’s the best of both worlds. Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The Cultural Party Girl: New Orleans

If you like to party while having a cultural experience, NOLA is your answer. Unlike Vegas, New Orleans has more to offer than just nightlife. The French, Spanish and Afro-Caribbean influences have created a mysterious, amazing cultural stew resulting in delicious creole food (shrimp alligator cheesecake anyone?), unique architecture, beautiful cemeteries, and jazz music for days. And voodoo. Let’s not forget the voodoo.

For the Cosmopolitan Gal: New York

Just think one visit to the MOMA, a picnic at Central Park, and a cupcake from Magnolia and you’ll practically be Carrie Bradshaw. World-class art, fine dining, swanky nightclubs, enough shopping to keep you busy for days, and high-end spas. What more do you need in one city? Short of free Cosmos raining down from the sky, the Big Apple is next to perfect for Manolo-wearing crowd. And yes you can still wear your bachelorette sash out later. We won’t tell anyone.

Images: Lars Plougmann/Flickr; Flickr / Dixie Photog; Tumblr / Jessica Maree; VisualJukebox; Amazing Places (2)