12 Ladies Rocking Disney Princess Hair IRL

by Miki Hayes

When a little girl grows up on Disney movies, there are generally two things (sometimes three) she ends up wanting: princesses' outfits, the ever-covetable Disney princess hair — and yeah, occasionally the prince). For me, when I was about five years old, it was Snow White's dress, Rapunzel's hair (although she was not yet a Disney character), and the Beast (but maybe I really just wanted a pet dog). Well now that I'm older (and have my own dog), there's only one thing on that list I still want: Rapunzel's hair. And I know I'm not the only one. Peppered throughout good ol' Instagram are pictures on pictures of lovely ladies sporting the hairstyles of basically all of the Disney princesses (whether they mean to or not).

Of course literal interpretations of all the hairstyles are always fun to see, but there's something to be said for the subtle allusions to the classic Disney hairstyles. For one thing, they can be worn on the daily without looking like they're missing a matching gown. But not only are subtle Disney princess hairstyles totally wearable, some are perfect for events like weddings, proms, and even music festivals. Don't believe me, just scroll.

1. Snow White

Forget about hair, this girl has the whole Snow White package. All she needs is the dress. And seven singing miners to follow her around.

2. Merida

Her natural red curls are everything.

3. Pochahontas

So jealous of her down-to-there hair. But wait...

4. Rapunzel

...There's more. Her Rapunzel-length hair is just too gorgeous.

5. Esmerelda

Yeah, yeah, not technically a princess, I know. But how perfect is her hair??

6. Tiana

A simple topknot with some face-framing pieces and a flower or accessory in lieu of a tiara screams Tiana.

7. Ariel

If there was ever an IRL Ariel, it's Eva Marie from Total Divas.

8. Mulan

A straight lob is so Mulan 2015.

9. Cinderella

Yumi from the Japanese girl-group Juliet totally nails the Cinderella up-do (and modern-day take on the outfit).

10. Jasmine

It's kind of hard to try this hairstyle and write about it at the same time, but I need my hair to look like this now.

11. Belle

Belle hair is actually pretty perfect for events like a wedding or prom.

12. Elsa

That accent fishtail braid really takes the whole look up a notch. Love.

Images: Instagram; Disney