What Your Favorite Rachel McAdams Character Says About You

Somebody put Rachel McAdams in a lockbox and throw her in the Federal Reserve, because she is a national treasure. Ever since she graced the screen as Regina George in Mean Girls in 2004, Rachel McAdams has churned out brilliant performances of complicated, flawed, and flat-out unlikable characters, one after another — something very few actresses are able to do with as much versatility and grace as she presents. Furthermore, the actress' characters — of which we all have a favorite — have been a varied bunch, and she continues to bring her trademark intelligence, beauty, and charm to every role she takes on. Additionally, McAdams has a reputation for being shrewdly dedicated to her craft, incredibly easy to work with and humble, to boot. She's basically an angel sent from heaven whose sole mission is to spread joy with smart rom-coms and sexy psychological thrillers. However, as all her characters are so different, it begs the question: What does your favorite Rachel McAdams character say about you, if anything?

While McAdams's likability is never in question, yours very well might be, depending on which of her characters speaks the most to you! Are you the manipulative popular girl? The spoiled, feisty rich girl trapped in a love triangle? The hot girl who's last name apparently doesn't matter? Rachel McAdams has played a wide variety of narcissists, romantics, and ingenues — so which character is your favorite?

Mean Girls' Regina George


Let's face it: you like to be in control, and you have the malicious wit and cunning social skills to ensure that happens. "What are friends," you wonder, "if not the people whose self-esteem I hold in the palms of my powerfully delicate hands?" Sure, your friends might secretly fear you, but what does that matter if you can socially destroy anyone around you at whim? Now take this painting I made because I'm in love with you, and go away! It won a prize!

The Family Stone's Amy Stone


You care deeply about the people you call family... so much so that it's a little isolating for everyone involved, yourself included. Sometimes, you present a coarse exterior, but beneath your surly demeanor is a fierce loyalty to the ones you love. If someone wants to get close to you, though, they have to walk through fire.

Sherlock Holmes' Irene Adler


You want to get with Robert Downey Jr., and who can blame you? Usually, you keep your advanced wits about you, but something about a fast-talking, emotionally distant genius just makes you weak in the knees. The sensitive prodigy is such an emotional weakness for you, in fact, that you're not even remotely bothered by the palpable sexual tension between him and his co-dependent BFF. Oh, if only he weren't so handsome!

The Hot Chick's Jessica


You wear a lot of Ed Hardy, your dog is named El Barto, and yesterday you were overheard at a barbecue criticizing the Golden Globes for snubbing Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Morning Glory's Becky


You are a working professional trying to have it all and YOU DON'T HAVE TIME FOR FRIVOLOUS THINGS LIKE LISTS, YOU'RE PUTTING OUT FIRES! Deep beneath your professional veneer, however, is a romantic soul, wandering around the big bad city looking for love...

The Notebook's Allie


You believe in love! Whether you're desperately waiting for that special someone or you've already found him/her — either way, you've invested in the concept of love and you have zero buyer's remorse about it . Good for you! We need more people like you — people who are brave enough to grow and nurture a warm romantic heart in the midst of this cold, cynical world. Bravo!

The Time Traveler's Wife's Clare/About Time's Mary


You have all the qualities possessed by the people whose favorite character is from The Notebook, but you also really like time travel. Like, a lot. Like, to the point that maybe you're a little weird about it, and frequently steer otherwise time travel-free conversations to the subject of time travel. Also — and I say this from a place of love and acceptance — no, sweetie, I do not want to talk about time travel.

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