Prudence Might Be Hiding Something On 'The Royals'

by Sara Steinfeld

The Royals is nothing if not a most intriguing and multi-dimensional show. We've got fake blackmail plots, romantic affairs galore, and more questions left unanswered than otherwise, and we're only seven episodes into Season 1. With all of this happening at once, it's been easy to lose track of all of the minor plot points and characters. However, one has managed to catch my attention, especially with it being brought back to forefront in the past two episodes, and that character is Prudence. Her recent actions and conversation with both Cyrus and King Simon have led me to believe that Prudence is hiding something — something big.

She's actually been piquing my interest ever since we first met in one of show's earliest episodes. After Cyrus threatened to fire her if she didn't sleep with him, we saw her develop a rather adorable friendship with the king, only to end the episode by pulling a gun out of her purse. YEAH, A GUN. After I got over the initial shock of watching her remove weaponry from her small and somewhat stylish handbag, I just assumed that she was intending to use it to kill Cyrus as revenge for his harassing her. However, her recent attempt to poison him and a conversation she had with the king have changed my mind. After Cyrus caught her in her assassination attempt, he sent her to follow the king. The king saw her, they began to talk, and she ended the conversation by rejecting his offer to help her with whatever she was going through and saying, "You're a good man—that's important to us." That conversation alone left me with so many questions: Who does "us" refer to? And what is Prudence really up to? Here are five possibilities:

She's An Anti-Monarchist

Remember them? We met them in an early episode when they came to speak to King Simon and Liam. Maybe she's their eyes and ears on the inside. Further, we know that King Simon wants to issue a referendum to abolish the monarchy, and that Cyrus is actively working to make sure that such a bill never goes to a vote. She could be trying to off Cyrus so as to remove any barriers for such a bill to pass.

She's Working With Jasper

Guys, we still have no idea what Jasper is up to, or where he's even from. All we know is that he either knows something about Queen Helena that we don't, or that he's trying to uncover something about her. Maybe they're working together for the same people to take down the royal family, with Jasper trying to break in through the queen and Eleanor, and Prudence trying to do the same through Cyrus and Simon. It would also explain how she has access to guns and poison, since I'm pretty sure most people don't just have those lying around the house.

She's Trying To Take Down Cyrus For A Specific Reason

There are so many reasons she might want to poison Cyrus, other than the fact that he's been sexually abusing her. I mean, at the very least, he deserves a hearty kick in the crotch for being such a douche-canoe. Maybe there's a bigger motive behind her assassination attempts. Maybe, as Bustle writer Kayla Hawkins suggested, Cyrus killed Prince Robert in order to get one step closer to claiming the throne, Prudence found out, and her attempts have all been in an effort to avenge Robert. All of this would suggest that she had some kind of standing relationship with Robert, which would definitely make her connection to the royal family much more interesting.

She's Somehow Related To Queen Helena And Captain Lacey

I'll be the first one to admit that this theory is kind of half-baked, but hear me out. We know very little about Captain Lacey and Queen Helena's relationship, other than that he worked for her family when they were young, and that they had a romantic relationship before Helena's mother pushed her into marrying Simon. Maybe the two of them had a lovechild that no one is addressing, maybe that lovechild is Prudence, and maybe she's been trying to kill Cyrus because she's been tasked by Captain Lacey to remove any and all barriers that prevent him from being with Helena. Yeah, I know, it's a bit far-fetched and Pretty Little Liars -esque, but hey, anything is possible, right?

She's Just A Looney Toon

Just throwing it out there.

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