Are You A Trap Queen? 15 Ways To Tell, Because Living Turnt Is Just The Beginning

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece talking about the definition of trap queen which, in case you've forgotten, is a cosmopolitan woman who rolls deep with her crew (or crews!), is up to date with the most recent trends, is always pursing her goals and passions, and, of course, loves trap music. But how do you know you're a trap queen? A reference to trap queens can most notably found in Fetty Wap's song "Trap Queen" where he explicates his love for trap queens while the rest of us who can only ever hope to achieve trap queen level of fabulousness listen eagerly as we admire these women who have been dubbed royalty.

Defining trap queen leads us into the next most important question: What makes a trap queen... well, a trap queen? Sure, there are some of the tell-tale signs I mentioned above like being street-savvy, always putting work towards something you want accomplished, and being able to turn up to and engage with trap music/all music. But what else? What does a trap queen eat and drink? What are her day-to-day habits when she's taking a quick breather from the queen lifestyle?

Here are 15 things trap queens do that might give you some insight into whether or not you're a trap queen.

1. A trap queen respects the grind but prioritizes the crew.

Trap queens are deliberate and interested by their work and money-making endeavors, but if a friend or a significant other needs a wing-woman, a trap queen will be there for them immediately.

2. A trap queen is confident in herself and her ways.

Trap queens rock their strengths and are constantly finding opportunities to improve and work on weaknesses... if they even have any.

3. Trap queens are a little bougie... and they love it.

As Nicki Minaj would say, "got a black cards and let Saks have it, these Chanel bags is a bad habit."

4. A trap queen would never date a f---boy.

Sorry, Drake.

5. You're probably a trap queen if you can work it in the club, on the pole, or any available dance floor dance floor and do it better than most others can.

6. Trap queens don't shy away from some of life's great pleasures, like weed...

7. ...loud, drunken debauchery...

8. ...and telling basic people off.

10. A trap queen is unapologetic and never says sorry for something she shouldn't feel bad for in the first place.


11. Rumor has it, trap queens only drink champagne from gilded goblets.

12. When a trap queen cries, her tears turn to diamonds.

13. If you are Beyonce, you are a trap queen.

14. If you are Abbi and Ilana, you are a trap queen.

15. If you are a female searching for trap queens to befriend or date because you feel like they just get you, you're probably a trap queen.

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