Will Daenerys & Daario Get Married On 'Game Of Thrones'? Their Chemistry Is Hot But He's Not King Material

Apart from the teenage dragons and Sons of the Harpy terrorist attacks, I don't think we've seen Dany this happy in ages on Game of Thrones. The political bedside chats with Daario Naharis in the Season 5 premiere brought out a relaxed, fun side to the hardened Khaleesi. Will Daenerys and Daario get married on Game of Thrones, or is he still her rebound guy from Khal Drogo?

Why anyone would want anyone to have a wedding on this show if not absolutely necessary is beyond me. It's not safe! We've seen what happens. I honestly think Daenerys Targaryen should become the Queen Elizabeth I of the Game of Thrones universe and never marry again. She's definitely not the type to share power. However, with the political unrest in Meereen, a wedding might unfortunately be just what Daenerys needs to regain control of her children. She made some bad choices and needs to re-build bridges.

I don't want to sink any ships, but in the books Dany does not marry Daario. That said, we've already seen her next husband on the show and it's not who you think. No, Jorah Mormont isn't going to come riding in on a white horse any time soon, and Tyrion Lannister is still married to Sansa Stark. This marriage is all about Essos, not Westeros.

Remember Hizdahr zo Loraq? No, he does not speak for the trees. He's actually been on the series since last season. Hizdahr is a former slave master's son in Meereen, dresses like it's Leap Day on 30 Rock, and advises Daenerys on political matters. When we first met him, he chided the Queen for crucifying his father when he was one of "the good slave masters." In the Season 5 premiere, Hizdahr urged the Mother of Dragons to re-open Meereen's fighting pits. This is the Khaleesi's next husband, everyone, kinda dorky and hiding in plain sight.

She marries him in exchange for ninety days of peace in Meereen, which he is able to arrange. Daario is supportive of the plan, but gets weirdly jealous and distant when the wedding actually takes place. As for Daenerys' new marriage? Major book spoilers ahead!

Unfortunately, Daenerys and Hizdahr haven't gotten to celebrate their partnership yet in the books. When the fighting pits are re-opened in celebration of their union, the dragon Drogon throws a temper tantrum and Daenerys flies off on his back, far away from Meereen. Hizdahr is left in charge of the city and Daario becomes a hostage in exchange for the heads of the other two dragons after an attack from Yunkai (the city that crowd-surfed Dany at the end of Season 3 and has since fallen back to the slave-masters). Hmm — I think I might have a hunch as to how this season is going to end.

Let's face it. Dany and Daario were doomed from the start. I'm not denying that she has better chemistry with Daario, and actor Michiel Huisman is a star on the rise. However, he is only a warrior and she is a Queen. She can't marry a commoner if she wants to take over the seven kingdoms. It's romantic, but it's not politically practical.

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