7 'So Little Time' Facts You May Not Remember, From Drake Bell’s Cameo To The Theme Song’s Amazing Origins

Oh, what a glorious day this day has been: Thursday, Nickelodeon shared the good news that the channel will start airing classic Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies and television shows very soon. I assumed short-lived and beloved sitcom Two of A Kind would be a shoe-in, but I was very wrong. Two of A Kinddid not make the cut. But all hope is not lost, for another short-lived and beloved MK and Ash classic is scheduled to hit the airwaves once again: So Little Time is coming back, y'all. YES YES YES YES!!! The Fox Family Channel comedy, which ran from 2001 to 2002, will make its triumphant return to television on April 27. Sure, I can fire up any of the old episodes on YouTube whenever I so please (and have done exactly that in the past), but I always prefer watching television programs on my television set. Call me old fashioned.

In order to get yourself psyched up before you re-watch So Little Time (as if you need anything to help you get psyched up), why not take a peek at some trivia about the show? Here are a few facts about the series you might've not known or might've totally forgotten:

There's a Drake Bell cameo

Heeeeey, Drake! (He appears in episode "Waiting for Gibson".)

There's a Trina McGee cameo

Heeeeey, Angela! (McGee appears in episode "The New Guy".)

Mary-Kate was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her portrayal of Riley

...However, Ashley was not nominated for her turn as Chloe.

There's a Francis Capra cameo

Heeeeey, Weevil! (He appears in episode "There's Something About Riley".)

There's a So Little Time book series

Required reading, duh.

There's a David Anders cameo

Anju Anju on YouTube

Heeeeey, John Gilbert! (He appears in "The Rules of Engagement".)

The theme song is by Arkana

simplyMKA on YouTube

It was written and recorded long before the show existed; "So Little Time" appears on the English electronica band's 1997 album, Fresh Meat.

arkarnamusic on YouTube

Nope, you will not get it out of your head. No use fighting it. The song lives in your brain now. It's not leaving.

Images: Fox Family Channel (3); olsennick (2), gemini-dragon-gifs,/tumblr