7 Ways Kate Middleton & Prince William Can Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary While They Wait For Baby Number Two

It is almost May, and Kate Middleston still hasn't had her baby. Considering the Duchess of Cambridge is slated for a mid-to-late April due date, people are understandably concerned. None more so than the people who have been camped outside the hospital since early April, I'm sure, but I'm across the Pond and concerned as well. Wednesday is the fourth wedding anniversary for Prince William and Kate Middleton, and, for the first time since it turned April, I'm hoping that she doesn't have the baby quite yet. After all, the chance for Prince William and Middleton to celebrate their wedding anniversary would kind of be ruined if this became her second child's birthday instead. And I have some suggestions for how they should celebrate their special day.

Four years ago, Middleton and Prince William were married in a highly viewed televised event in 2011 that was pretty much like watching The Prince and Me happen in real life. Before then, I didn't even know that marrying into the royal family was a real thing that could happen, and now I have unrealistic expectations for my future. Anyway, there's a good chance that Wednesday might be the day that Middleton finally has her baby, and the preparations make any kind of strenuous celebration of her wedding anniversary a bad idea.

However, here are seven ways she and Prince William can still celebrate.

1. Watch Netflix


Nothing says date night quite like Netflix. Middleton wouldn't even have to leave her bed in order to boot Netflix up and marathon Daredevil or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or whatever other movie or show she wants to watch, whenever she wants to watch it. If they can't agree on what to watch, they can both just have separate laptops.

2. Film A Documentary

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Hey, I'm sure everyone is interested in the journey to having the second royal baby. Now that Prince William and Middleton are old pros at this whole parenting and pregnancy thing, maybe their idea of a celebration will be to let the world in on the inner workings of the duchess-is-having-a-baby life. It would be like when they filmed their wedding, but with 100 percent more Prince George.

3. Interact With Twitter Followers

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Ever since Prince Harry sent his first tweet, I've been eager for Prince William and Middleton to hit the Twitter 'verse as well. Maybe they could play a game of "who can send the most ridiculous (but royally appropriate) tweet," poking fun at themselves and giving their PR people a heart attack. Now that's a memory to treasure.

4. Have Breakfast In Bed

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If Middleton can have breakfast sent to the royal baby watch camped outside of her hospital, then she can certainly have all of her meals delivered so that she and Prince William don't even have to leave the bed in order feed each other jam on toast while sipping tea or whatever. Ah, the romance.

5. Hang Out With Prince George


This might just be my personal bias talking, but is there any day that can't be improved by spending more time with Prince George? No? That's what I thought.

6. Hang Out With Prince Harry

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Prince Harry seems like the perfect person to have in the room if you want to keep your spirits up and have a good laugh. Bonus points if he decides to do an impromptu Will and Kate Roast, where he makes Middleton crack up laughing as he throws burn after burn at Will. Double bonus points if Will follows it up with some roasting of his own.

7. Swim In An Indoor Pool


I think a nice, leisurely swim, where she casually reclines on an inflatable chair with Prince William, would be a lovely kind of celebration for Middleton. And that would make it really easy to fish her out if she decides to go into labor. Plus, the labor might be easier since she'll already be so relaxed. Honestly, the royal family should start paying me to come up with these ideas for them.

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