The 11 Most Viral TV Moments of 2013 (Farewell, Walt!)

This year, 2013, was the year of television, with shows like Games of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Orange Is the New Black gaining more attention, acclaim, and fan support than most films. More importantly, with Netflix, HBO Go, and HuluPlus dominating our tablet, smartphone, and computer screens, the term "viral television moments" took on a whole new meaning. Television clips weren't just watched and discussed online, they were shared like crazy. You couldn't get away from repeats of catchphrases like "It's handled" on Scandal or "Frittata" on The League, and you certainly couldn't avoid all of the montages, fan videos, parodies, and analyses of television moments all over the web.

So what were the most viral television moments of this past year? Did the ukulele scene from Bunheads, the car shooting from Breaking Bad, the clone confrontation from Orphan Black, Judith Hill's elimination on The Voice, the debut of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, the Parks and Recreation wedding, or Mindy's new hair cut on The Mindy Project make our list? There's only one way to find out. Read on, but beware: Spoilers ahead!

Game of Thrones, The Red Wedding

Possibly the most viral television moment ever, The Red Wedding needs no explanation, even if you've never heard of Game of Thrones.

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The Good Wife, Aliciagate

Season 5 entered 2013 with a boom and a crash. Will and Alicia are over, and so is The Good Wife world we've come to know.


The Daily Show, Jon Stewart Interviews Malala Yousafzai

Yousafzai is a living legend who left Jon Stewart speechless with her profound message of peace, tolerance, and the right to an education. There are world leaders as well-spoken and ideologically influential as this young woman.

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Breaking Bad, Walt Dies

Did he really die at all? That's the question the Internet posed after this hyper-viral final scene aired. Maybe he froze to death before he ever started the car, or maybe he is the second coming of Jesus. Or maybe just maybe, Walter White died by his own fire, the way he wanted.


Key and Peele, East/West College Bowl 2

If we're sticking to "virality" in its truest form, we have to acknowledge Key and Peele, a show known for releasing clips that attracts millions of views in mere days.

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30 Rock, Liz and Jack's Final Talk

It's the warm, cheesy, feelings-y ending we all wanted. Liz and Jack — at the end of the day, that's what made 30 Rock truly special.

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Mad Men, "Not Great, Bob!"

I think it's fair to say that the real romance and subsequent heartbreak of Mad Men this season wasn't Peggy and Ted or Sylvia and Don, but Bob and Pete. Oh, and this is the most quotable line in television this year. Seriously. I'm ranking it above "Tread lightly," so there!

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The Office, Michael Scott Returns

Maybe it wasn't the best episode of The Office ever made, but it gave us everything we asked for and more. I mean, how could you end this show without Michael Scott?


Saturday Night Live, "We Did Stop"

The Miley episode of SNL was lackluster and disappointing at best, but it did produce the most viral and enjoyable digital short since our Prankster Prince (yes, we talk like this) Samberg left. It's fair to say "We Did Stop" was the only positive thing to come out of the government shutdown.


How I Met Your Mother, The Mother Revealed

All we have to say is one word: finally.

Girls, Marnie's Rendition of "Stronger"

Cringe, cringe, cringe! Marnie really outdid herself with this crazy awkward Kanye cover. This scene definitely earns the title of most uncomfortable in Girls history, which is really saying something.

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Scandal, "Earn Me"

Okay, there are a lot of uber viral moments from Scandal, and maybe this isn't the one you expected. You were thinking we'd play a clip of Olivia confronting Rowan or reuniting with Fitz, right? Well, we're thinking ahead. Just like "What did you do?" and "It's handled" are now part of our lexicon, "earn me" will be too. Plus, this moment is emblematic of the Olitz relationship!


True Blood, Eric Bares All

Alexander Skarsgard totally naked. Yeah, we didn't think we needed to explain.

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Dexter, Deb Makes a Choice

Even though Dexter ended on a sour note, we have to admit, this was a moment of high octane, compelling drama.

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Parks and Recreation, The Wedding

YAY for happy moments on television. We are generally happy for Ben and Leslie, and even more so that they had a lovely, town-supported wedding. Also, can Anne design our dress?

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Orange Is the New Black, Meet Sophia Burset

The whole Orange Is the New Black counts as a viral moment, but we have to give it to Sophia Burset's creative sandals for inspiring DIY fashion while also positively portraying the first real transgender character on television.

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Arrested Development, The Ostrich

Say what you will about the return of the Bluths, but you have to admit, it was nice to see a really well-done running gag again after all these years.

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The Emmys, Kevin Spacey

Why didn't Spacey just host? We're legitimately asking you. Why not?


New Girl, Nick and Jess Kiss for the First Time

This moment has to be most viral of the summer, with New Girl fans and newcomers alike losing their minds over this steamy kiss. Replay it over and over, preferably while sitting around your significant other. Who says you can't learn from television?

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Image: AMC