Aww, The Royal Baby's Face Is Already On A Pizza

Look, y'all, I'm already mad jealous of Princess Charlotte, and she hasn't even been on Earth for a week. Already she's launched worldwide Royal Baby trends on Twitter, gotten her own Wikipedia page, and assembled her own fleet of horses (unconfirmed, but probably). I feel like I could let all of that slide and keep on living my life, but the jealousy is now officially more than I can bear: someone made a Royal Baby pizza, and this small child has officially become my arch rival in life.

I'm (mostly) kidding. Let's be real, I can't compete with a level of fame that inspires this kind of pizza bliss, and Princess Charlotte is too adorable to stay mad at for long. If we decide as a human race to elect her the Pizza Princess of the world, then I have no doubt that she'll hold that title with as much honor and dignity as it deserves, and devote her days to spreading free pizza among her people. I know we've only looked at her like once, and she was super asleep for it, but she just has the face of someone I could trust with pizza, ya know?

That being said, I do have just a few concerns about this pizza, which appears to be very heavy on the onions. But hey, to each his own.

The photo was shared yesterday on the Facebook page of Zizzi pizza in the UK. I'm not usually a fan of vegetables, but then again, it's rare that vegetables are this on fleek. Props to the person who had the patience to make this veritable pizza triumph.

But does it stack against other recent famous pizzas? Commence the cheesy battle royale ...

1. Rihanna's pizza dress

SLAYYY, RIRI. And when you're done if you could save a slice for me, that'd be great.

2. The pizza condom

I don't how how humanity came to making pizza condoms, but the fact that I am even typing that sentence means it's way too late to ask.

3. The all holy Pizza Cake

Bustle made a pizza cake. You think this is a JOKE, son?! THINK AGAIN.

Final verdict? I can't pick a winner. Because when there is pizza involved, everybody wins. Congratulations, Princess Charlotte—for this pizza will not be your crowning achievement in life, but it will probably come pretty damn close.

Images: Getty Images; Bustle