NBC's Fall Lineup Trailers Are So Good

While we all have likely been anticipating the summertime (I know I have!), the new fall lineup released by NBC may have you wanting to fast-forward straight to September. NBC has released trailers for its upcoming fall series, and — based on said previews — it looks like we may have a smorgasbord of new fave shows to occupy our respective DVRs each week. Are you a big fan of Saturday Night Live and/or anything that spurs guffaws? What about Neil Patrick Harris? The last question was rhetorical: we're all big fans of NPH, am I right? NBC has apparently pilfered our secret wish lists, and will be answering our dreams by providing us with a NPH variety show — squee!

If you're looking for something a bit more dramatic, medical drama Heartbreaker is sure to bring smiles and some tearjerking moments, with the fantastic Melissa George at the series' helm. The Player led by Wesley Snipes — offers action-packed thrills, and the Blindspot trailer may inspire some memories of 2011's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And yes, our beloved Heroes is returning with the revamped Heroes Reborn miniseries. Without further adieu, let's take a look at the trailers for a fall lineup that will have us itching for autumn:

Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris

Squee! It's Neil Patrick Harris (a.k.a. NPH), guys! NPH only has "15 seconds" to tell us about his new variety show in the above trailer, but do we really need even one second to be convinced to watch anything involving NPH? I'm also very pleased to see that NPH channeled his inner Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, and decided to "suit up."


Don't watch this trailer with the lights off — trust me. With The Following getting cancelled (*sniff* *sniff*), it looks like Blindspot could be the perfect thriller to mend our Bacon-laden (Kevin Bacon, that is) heartbreak. This show looks poised to dish out a ton of thrills, mystery, and excitement. I can't wait!


Fans of shows in the vein of ER and Grey's Anatomy may have a new favorite with Heartbreaker, starring Melissa George. Based on the trailer, it looks like there will definitely be a lot of heart (pun very much intended) in this medical drama, but also a lot of intensity and women kicking proverbial butt in and out of the workplace. I'm most def looking forward to this one!

Heroes Reborn

I know many of us are still mourning the loss of NBC's original Heroes, but mourn no more! Heroes Reborn is revamping one of our favorite series. Now, if NBC could bring back Freaks and Geeks as well, my life would be complete.

People Are Talking

This sitcom looks like it's going to be jam-packed with awkward situations, miscommunications, and — above all else — hilarity. We may want to try to avoid becoming too attached Meagan Rath's character, as it looks like the actress will need to be recast due to other obligations.

The Player

With Wesley Snipes at the helm, this action-packed series looks part The Blacklist, part Las Vegas, and even seems to have a smattering of Homeland weaved into its fabric. One thing is for sure: this series is bound to get your pulse racing.

Images: NBC; Giphy