Beyonce Has No Use For Met Gala Themes

by Arielle Dachille

When it comes to grading celebrity outfits, Beyoncé has her own rubric. So this year, when her Met Gala dress was a bit off topic, it obviously didn't matter. Her hubby Jay Z's stylist gets that Beyoncé isn't subject to the Met Gala dress code, by the sheer virtue of her bodacious Beyoncé-ness. That's perfectly fair.

"I love that some people got [the theme] and some people didn’t," Ambrose told Page Six earlier this week. It seems like she's referring, of course, to the various naked dresses that cropped up on Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and most notably Beyoncé on the Costume Institute Gala red carpet. But rather than "not getting the theme," which was "China: Through The Looking Glass," it's more like they heard what it was and were like — "Meh, I'm gonna do my own thing." 'Yonce, as you may remember, wore a gauzy, crystal-studded dress and a high pony tail that made her look like a magnificent human unicorn/ mermaid/ sexy fairy. Even if Bey didn't really follow the prompt, Ambrose was all about Beyoncé's deviating. Because DAYUM Beyoncé. She said:

You know, they’re musicians. Do they follow rules? Never. Listen, they were stage-savvy. A lot of people thought they weren’t right for that particular venue. But when you have a killer body like those ladies have — and again, they’re musicians, they’re artists, they’re not models — they’re gonna take things out of context. You don’t really give them rules. I thought they all looked incredible.

Basically, if anyone is able to flout black tie event convention, it's gonna be Queen Bey. Ambrose also had the right idea when she was dressing Jay, saying that her aim with his outfit was to make him "the perfect accessory for his lady."


Another reminder to the fact that when Beyoncé does Beyoncé, everybody wins.

Image: Getty Images