How Picasso's Artwork Has Inspired Designers

There is great value seen in art as well as fashion, and it's no surprise the two often go hand-in-hand. According to Reuters, one of Picasso's paintings has been sold for $179.4 million at auction, beating the artist's own record for the most expensive piece of artwork ever sold. The oil painting may have been ridiculously expensive, but luckily the fashion industry has been taking cues from the artist for decades. You can certainly get that Picasso look without shelling out millions.

I absolutely love when art and fashion collide. They influence each other heavily due to the similarities between the mediums, and Picasso's art is no exception. Although his influence on the art world is widely recognized, his effect on fashion is no less noteworthy.

Picasso's bright colors and bold shapes emphasized thinking outside the box, and the fashion world has benefitted from that lesson ever since. The artist's influence on the runway can be felt in the distorted dimensions, wild hats, and bold color palettes that some designers favor. While many of the Picasso-esque elements are subtle, if you follow runway trends closely, you can catch certain elements of the artist's work appearing time and time again in various designer collections.

Check out some of the top ways Picasso has influenced fashion below.

1. Geometric Patterns


Other patterns come and go, but geometric shapes are always in style. Picasso frequently used these shapes in his artwork, but you can dress like one of his paintings more easily than you can afford to buy one.

2. Bold Color Combinations


Although this look may be a little over the top, there's no doubt that color-blocking was a Picasso signature. Whether the look focusses on colored separates or multiple shades on one piece, color blocking inspiration abounds in the artist's paintings.

3. Exaggerated Shapes


Picasso had a way of over-exaggerating lines in a unique way that made his work stand-out and designers have taken notice. From wide sleeves to baggy sweaters, even some of the most comfortable trends have been inspired by great art.

4. Stylized Illustrations


Much of Picasso's inspiration came from people, but he knew that great emotion could come from objects as well. Stylized illustrations of everyday items is no new thing — we see it in Andy Warhol's pop art and in today's fashion everywhere from the runway to the high street.

5. Collages of Cubism


Cubism was a style that Picasso focused on, and it's influence can be seen in many geographic prints, like the one on the shift dress above. The mixing of different shapes creates dimension — plus an oversized hat can't hurt.

It's important to recognize the artists who may have inspired the style trends that you love!

Images: Getty (5)