Celebs Who've Actually Sold Us Their Beauty Brands

From clothing lines to selfie books, celebrities are great at using their name to sell products. But recently it seems that there's a trend with celebrity beauty brands coming up with their own unique beauty lines to capture their beauty and bring it to women everywhere. With thousands of makeup and skincare options already on the market, sometimes we welcome a person (friend or famous stranger) telling us what we DEFINITELY need to buy. These celebs in particular have actually convinced the beauty world that their products are worth trying.

Yeah, OK, I know that the celebrities are paid to make their line seem like the best one ever. Still, it seems like a handful of celebs have gone above and beyond their weekly promoting. Bringing their beauty products into their own home, they show that they truly stand by their products and want you to do so as well, rather than just slapping their name on a package and letting the cash roll in. Personally, it makes me much more convinced that their beauty products are worth the money if the 'grams don't seem staged.

Celebs have a whole team of stylists to keep them looking great, so when they actually use their own line, people take notice. These devoted stars have made their beauty lines their passion and have convinced beauty gurus everywhere to give their products a try.

1. Miranda Kerr

Kerr shows her followers that her Kora Organics beauty line is perfect for ever the busiest days with her high flying selfie. Her line, which promotes living as close to nature as possible, is an all-organic line inspired by Kerr's childhood in Australia. From being seen hydrating her face on flights to carrying the essentials in her handbag, she has given women everywhere a reason to try out her on-the-go approved beauty line.

2. Jessica Alba

This celeb came up with her Honest Company product line with her own family in mind, showing that she is truly devoted to her creations. From beauty products to household items, Alba has expanded her company to cover all the different aspects of her life. She prides herself on living and honest and healthy lifestyle, which leave beauty gurus everywhere convinced that her products will fit their all-natural lifestyle as well.

3. Drew Barrymore

Barrymore has taken a different approach to her Flower Beauty product line, which prides itself on its quality and affordability. The brand does not pay for any advertising, which means it's pretty much up to Barrymore and her followers to promote the heck out of it. She's even been "spotted" using it on the subway! Now that's commitment.

4. Kat Von D

The tatted up reality star often takes to Instagram to create looks using the Kat Von D makeup line. Even if she's paid to do so, the creations she puts together are so unique they still make me eager to buy.

5. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The twins are able to stay out of the public eye much of the time. But when they step onto social media, they are always standing by their Elizabeth and James products. The two started off in fashion and quickly found that they wanted to share their beauty advice with the world as well, which they take personal pride in. If it's good enough for Michelle Tanner, it's definitely good enough for me.