6 Reasons To Have An Afternoon Delight, Because Women Have Their Best Orgasms Between 1-5 p.m.

There is no wrong time to have sex. If you look at all the hours in the day, you’ll probably be able to easily deduce that every single one of them is an ideal time to get it on. Despite this, a lot of people think of sex as a nighttime thing to do before bed or a morning thing to do, to get your day off to an amazing start. But what about some afternoon delight? Why aren’t more people having afternoon sex?

Logistically, I get. There’s work, school, or maybe some adorable two-year-old who just won’t leave you and your partner alone. There’s also the time constraint that can make it sound less than appealing, but, honestly, who doesn’t love a quickie from time to time?

Yes, in the real world dropping everything to have some afternoon delight might seem like more of a task than a treat, but I assure you that once you start kissing and stripping down, you’ll realize it’s the best idea you’ve had all week. Sex shouldn’t be for just the night or just the morning. Sex should be for all the time! Every second you can squeeze it into your schedule! If that’s still not a good enough reason to have sex this afternoon, then here are six more.

1. It's Exciting To Sneak Away To Do It

One of the best reasons to have some afternoon delight is the excitement factor. While your coworkers are heading off to Chipotle to get the same thing they've gotten every day for the past two weeks, you'll be spicing things up, literally. Whether you go home to have sex with your partner or really take things up a notch by meeting them at a hotel, the thrill of it, because of the sneaky factor (like having an affair!), will make the actual sex even better.

2. It’s A Great Workout

If you spend nine hours a day at a desk, then you definitely need to get up and moving. Sure, you can hit up the gym after work, but why bother if you can have afternoon sex instead?

According to the researchers at the University of Quebec, half an hour of sex can burn as many calories as a 30-minute jog. No joke. And, in case you didn’t put two and two together yet, it’s way more fun.

3. It Will Make The Rest Of Your Day Better

Although studies have found that women are horniest at 11:21 p.m. on the dot, other studies have found that women have their best orgasms between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. in the afternoon. Orgasms are nature's happy drug, and will immediately make your whole day so much better.

4. It Will Wake You The Hell Up

When you orgasm, your body releases endorphins that are on par with working out. Those natural chemicals are not only going to take a miserable day to Awesome Town, but also give you the extra kick you need to make it to 6 p.m. in one piece. I guess you can have your usual 3 p.m. iced espresso, if you want, but the effect won’t be as all-body consuming as sex.

5. It Will Reduce Any Stresses

Studies have found that most people do their stress eating in the afternoon during the week. Since that’s clearly when you’re most stressed, having sex to deal with it is a better cure instead. Not only are you just munching on something you probably don’t even want, but those aforementioned endorphins will dull the pain of stress and relax you. You’ll even be able to skip your afternoon Xanax for a change, too.

6. It’s Fun

In addition to all the other reasons sex is so great for you, physically and emotionally, having some afternoon delight is just fun! I mean, what more can be said here?

Images: Mandee Carter/Flickr; Giphy(6)