12 Unanswered 'Mad Men' Finale Questions

by Chelsea Mize

Matthew Weiner and company have made a sport of keeping us on our toes throughout the course of Mad Men. Unsurprisingly, the series finale left us scratching our heads and asking a few questions. So many questions that I compiled a list of the biggest ones that were plaguing me. These 12 unanswered questions from the Mad Men series finale might not be crucial, but I still can't help but speculate.

On the one hand, I am completely satisfied with the ending. It was ambiguous and unexpected. It surprised us. It didn't necessarily do what we wanted but somehow it still left us fulfilled. I commend the Mad Men production team for letting the show be, for leaving so much to unfold on its own. We may be the show's audience, but the show lives on in spite of us, like a living, breathing thing. Mad Men didn't end with a giant, screaming exclamation point or with a definitive, solid period. Mad Men trailed off like an ellipsis into the future, giving us whispers of what is to come but highlighting that what's in store for these characters is not up to Matthew Weiner and co., but rather, up to fate itself.

Still, there's the other part of me that, despite knowing that Mad Men could not have ended more perfectly, wants to have all my burning questions answered. I want to know exactly how everyone comes to either live happily or unhappily ever after. But such is the modus operandi of Mad Men, perpetually leaving us wanting more and knowing that we won't get it. And since I know I'm not going to get the answers I look for, what's the harm in speculating?

Where Did Stephanie Go?

After a harrowing therapy session, Stephanie deserts Don at the hippie retreat without even so much as a goodbye. Where did she go? Does she come back for him? Will she be okay? Will she end up reuniting with her child?

Will Joan Find Love?

Joan is an awesome, empowering, hardworking woman. She is charismatic and vibrant and, damn it, I want her to be happy. The series finale does a pretty good job of setting her up for happiness with her wonderfully-named production company. However, I can't help but wonder if Joan will ever meet a man who deserves her who will make her happy and treat her with respect.

Will Peggy Achieve Her Dream (In Less Than Ten Years)?

We all know Peggy is going big places. But her progress is undoubtedly stalled by the old-fashioned gender politics at hand, gender politics which become increasingly more pronounced when Peggy makes the transition over to McCann-Erickson.

How Is Pete Cambell Going To Live In Wichita?

LOL let's just be real here for a second. Pete Cambell... is moving to Kansas. Just let that soak in for a moment. I give it two weeks before the Campbells are back in Manhattan.

Who Is The Falling Man In The Credit Sequence?

Everyone speculated that the falling man in the credits sequence was, in fact, Don Draper falling to his death. As it doesn't appear that Don dies in the finale, I'm left asking who the falling man is and if he's metaphorical, then what does he represent? I'm sure more astute minds than my own have already grappled with and put this question to rest, but my feeble mind is left a-wondering.

What Happens To Meredith?

Hopefully Mer finds some place where she can fully utilize her Pig Latin fluency.

Does Don Come Out Of Retirement?

How does Don land the Coke commercial? Does he come out of retirement or was Coke his one-time-only exception? How does he weasel his way back into McCann-Erickson?

Does Don Get Custody of the Kids?

Does Don get custody of his kids or do they go to their uncle? Does Don even really want full custody of his kids?

What Happens to Sally?

Sally is obviously a badass. What does she go on to become? Does she go back to school? Does she join a band? Does she marry Glen?

Does Glen Die in Vietnam?

Just when Glen was finally starting to not creep me out all the time, the writers go and ship him off to war. What happens to him? Does he make it out alive?

What About Megan?

Does she quit being an actress? What's up with her? How is her relationship with her new stepfather, Roger Sterling?

Does Roger Get Divorced Again?

So Roger's off sprinting down the aisle again, but will this be the one that sticks? Is Mrs. Calvet Mrs. Right?

Images: Michael Yarish/AMC; Giphy (10)