Kim Kardashian Will Present The CFDA Media Award To Instagram Creator Kevin Systrom, Because Who Else?

The CFDA Awards will be here before we know it, and hopefully this year’s award ceremony and red carpet will be as memorable as last year’s (recall Rihanna’s naked dress, anyone?). The nominees have already been announced, and Kim Kardashian will present the Media Award to Instagram founder Kevin Systrom. Honestly, can you think of anyone more perfect for this task? I sure can’t.

Of course, Kim announced this news on (wait for it) Instagram along with a picture of her and Systrom smiling together. Told you she was the perfect woman for the job!

Systrom will be receiving the award no doubt because of all that the social media platform has done for the fashion industry. It’s a great way to promote products, and honestly, I don’t think the fashion industry would be the same without it. Like it or not, Instagram a huge part of the way we shop, look at clothes, and track our favorite celebs.

And if you’re going to give Instagram an award, you might as well have the selfie queen herself present it! I mean, does anyone else have an entire book of selfies out right now? Didn’t think so.

Stay tuned to see what Kim K and the other stylish attendees will wear to the CFDA Awards on June 1st. I’m hoping there’s an outfit changed involved for Kim. Ooh, I can hardly wait!