What Your Pajama Style Says About You, From The T-Shirt Wearer To The Birthday Suit Proponent

Style is an easy way to express oneself without having to say a word, and that's no different when thinking of what you wear to sleep. I mean, think about it: Depending on what you’re wearing, someone can usually acquire a hint of some aspect of your personality. Whether you’re rocking a pair of sneakers or a white button-down and a pencil skirt, clothes give off a certain impression that generally aligns itself with the wearer’s unique style taste. So, if that’s generally true for most people and most outfits, it’s probably also true when it comes to sleepwear.

What we wear to sleep is probably our most vulnerable outfit each and every day. We’re behind closed doors, we’re typically alone or with a loved one, and our goal is the simple task of recharging and rejuvenating for the day ahead of us. No, we’re not concerned about the perfect combination of accessories, and no, we didn’t take hours to come up with the perfect outfit for a first date or a night on the town. In fact, what we wear to bed is probably one of our last concerns, but it’s just that fact that reveals so much about our choices.

Everyone has their pajama preferences, whether it means sleeping in a luxurious satin set, a beaten up t-shirt from high school, or even absolutely nothing at all. Those sleepwear options and more are below, with an exact description of the type of person who wears them. Yes, you will feel creeped out at how accurate they are. And no, I was not spying on you when you were sleeping.

Or was I?

An Old T-Shirt

Journey Don't Stop Believing Vintage T-shirt, $23, Amazon

If you wear an old t-shirt to bed, you’re probably the kind of person who likes to reminiscence on fond memories of the past. You take lots of pictures, and keep pristine photo albums and/or digital albums on Facebook because taking a blast to the past is one of your favorite past times. Whether it’s an old boyfriend's football jersey, or a drama club regionals' tie-dye t-shirt, you sleep best when you’re dreaming of yesteryear.


Metro Muumuu Long Supima Cotton Tunic With Pockets, $60, HSN

You are a relentless traditionalist. You wish you lived in Pride & Prejudice, and dream of a love as crazy and deep as Elizabeth’s and Mr. Darcy’s. From a few chapters to a whole book, you most likely read before you fall asleep, and have tea stains on your muu-muu from the various Oolongs and Earl Greys that have spilled on you and your bed sheets before. You sleep soundly, and may or may not be joined by a cute cat halfway through the night.

Oversized Shirt

Coffee Is My BFF Nightdress, $11, Forever 21

You could care less about the frivolous, and seek for ease and comfort even in sleepwear. Your main concern is getting enough sleep to tackle the crazy, hectic schedule you have tomorrow, and you won’t let anything get in the way of that. Not even the fact that you still haven’t seen the last episode of Mad Men. Even on weekends, you’re not spending an extra moment in bed if you don’t need to, and simply sleep because, well, you have to in order to survive.

Matching Set

Vintage Pajama Set, $95, J.Crew

You’re not willing to sacrifice your style and personal expression even when you’re sleeping. You’re very much a perfectionist and enjoy making lists, organizing your things, and, of course, getting just enough sleep every night. You seek comfort and style in your pajamas, and a chic matching set in a luxurious fabric allows you to rest and maintain your aesthetic.

Babydoll Set

Shirley of Hollywood Risque Collection Sheer Net Babydoll Set, $24, Bare Necessities

You are ready to take on anything the world might throw at you. And just like Wonder Woman, you’re ready to do it in spandex. Or lace. Or chiffon. While the person who falls asleep in an old t-shirt probably wouldn’t understand your mentality, you’re most comfortable in sleepwear that shows off your enviable confidence and alluring nature. You have got a covetable lingerie collection, and you like baby doll sets because you can wear them as a full outfit to bed and no one can say a thing.


Women's Feather Fleece Pajama Set, $60, L.L Bean

You are always cold. Even in Miami. When you’re sleeping, you’re ready to be clad in fleece, cashmere, and alpaca to stay warm and comfortable. And the chances that you’re also sleeping with an additional comforter and blanket wrapped around you are super high. No one can understand how you’re not burning up, but you don’t care because it’s the only way you can sleep.


Victoria's Secret Perfect Shape Bra, $50, Amazon | Victoria's Secret Boyshort Panty, $17, Amazon

And for you, you’re one of those people. Because you are seemingly always hot, and flipping the pillow over to get cool every time you wake up in the middle of the night drenched in your own sweat. You turn your AC up to arctic temperatures and you’re still warm. The only way to sleep for you is in your undies. Unless…

Absolutely Nothing

You would prefer to be completely, absolutely buck naked when you sleep. You aren’t worried if you get a knock on your door in the middle or the night, because you’re not self-conscious in the least bit. You would go to work naked if it was socially acceptable, but because it’s not, you save your birthday suit for when you’re hitting the hay. You sleep because you enjoy it, and the only way to truly enjoy it is in your own skin.

Images: TaylorSwiftVEVO/YouTube; Giphy; Courtesy Brands