How Jane On 'JTV' Will Change In Season 2

It kind of goes without saying that once you become a mother, your life changes dramatically — and when that child gets stolen from you, your life really goes off the rails. Now that Jane on Jane the Virgin is a mother (of a kidnapped baby), I have to wonder how Jane will change in Season 2 of Jane the Virgin. Of course, Jane will be head over heels in love with her baby boy Mateo once she gets him back from Sin Rostro, which I just expect to happen within the first couple of episodes in Season 2 — preferably the Season 2 premiere. But, that doesn't mean the devoted and loving Jane won't make time for all of her other loved ones, right?

Becoming a mother isn't the only thing that will have changed in Jane's life when Jane the Virgin returns in the fall for Season 2. Her parents, Xo and Rogelio, got drunkenly married in Las Vegas — a fact that Jane has not yet discovered. Another thing Jane doesn't know is that Petra is trying to get herself pregnant with the last of Rafael's sperm. If she's successful, Mateo will have a half-sibling, so Jane will be involved in more outrageous Petra-Rafael drama.

As with almost every episode of Jane the Virgin, major changes will be going down in Jane's life come Season 2. While she's a steady and reasonable character, Jane isn't a saint (even if she is a virgin). Jane fans don't want our girl to lose her core goodness, but it's inevitable that these traumatic life events will affect her very personally. Here are six ways that all of the events in Jane's life will change her — or keep her more resolute — in Season 2.

1. Her Family Will Still Be No. 1 — But Mateo Takes First Place

As previously mentioned, the biggest change to Jane's life in Season 2 is that she is now a mother. Once she gets Mateo back (because that must happen), she will probably enter full-blown mommy mode. Anyone who is a parent, or has a friend who has become a parent, knows that priorities shift after motherhood occurs. Typically, the child becomes the center of its parents' universe (and takes over the majority of their Facebook statuses). But even with Mateo being the number one person in her life, Jane, the caring and loving person that she is, will still make time for the other people who are important to her.

2. She Will Continue To Be A Planner

I have a feeling that when it comes to finding your kidnapped child, being a person who can make a plan in a crisis situation would be extremely helpful. Jane may be overwhelmed, but I have faith she will come up with a plan and do whatever it takes to get Mateo back. (I'm looking at you for help, Michael.) And, honestly, when isn't she placed in totally overwhelming situations on this crazy show? Girl has got this.

3. She Will Become Even More Outspoken

A side effect of motherhood can be that you become more bold — particularly when it comes to defending your child. Jane isn't a shy person by any means and she is usually open to speaking her mind when it comes to doing the right thing. But now that she has baby Mateo, I think Jane the Virgin fans can expect her to become even more righteous in her causes. She is going to become a mother tigress just like Xo and Alba before her. Since I pretty much always agree with Jane, this is actually going to be a pretty awesome shift.

4. She Will Care Less About Her Love Life

Again, this is due in part to the fact that she has Mateo now, but Jane's focus on whether or not she should be with Michael or Rafael is going to be significantly deterred since she has a new infant to raise. I'm not saying that she won't eventually pick one of them in Season 2 (gah! it will be so bittersweet), but she's going to have many other things to worry about as a new mother. Sorry, guys.

5. She Will Have To Work Even Harder To Make Her Dreams Come True

While Jane was pregnant, she made it very clear that she still wants to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Michael helped her scale back her plan when she was super pregnant, but as anyone in the real world knows, going after your dream job is hard enough to do without a stolen baby to worry about. But, even when Mateo is back in her arms, she will have so much to deal with and I don't want her going into overdrive to make all of her goals happen — she still needs to have some fun! Yet, even that scenario is better than if she gave up on her writing dream altogether, which would just be totally unacceptable.

6. She Will Become Less Trusting

Perhaps the saddest change of all will be that Jane is probably going to become more suspicious of people. And why wouldn't she? She handed her baby off to a nurse — only for him to be kidnapped by Sin Rostro. Not only does she have a major crime leader using her baby for collateral, her ex-boyfriend's ex-wife is always scheming something that affects her. Jane is the reason for the question, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" And unfortunately, the kidnapping of Mateo may put her over the edge. I expect that Jane may not be the upbeat, problem-solver she always is in Season 2 (at least in the beginning). While I'm OK if Jane becomes just a bit cynical, I don't want the essence of Jane to change.

But, even if she gets depressed for a period of time, at least all of the people she has given her love to during Season 1 will be there to support her in Season 2.

Images: Patrick Wymore/The CW; masterjinoras/Tumblr (6)