'Marriage Boot Camp' Boasts A High Success Rate

Most people would probably agree with me that the answer to relationship problems is not to go on reality TV. But for the couples on Marriage Boot Camp , it makes perfect sense that when there's trouble in paradise, they turn to WEtv to make it right. And surprisingly, Marriage Boot Camp has a lot of success stories among its couples. Especially since it switched from regular couples (it began as a Bridezilla spinoff) to celebrities from other reality TV shows, Marriage Boot Camp has kind of done its job of bringing these couples back together. Either that, or reality TV couples are just already so dramatic, their problems may not be as bad as they seem to begin with... though if you've watched even a few minutes of the show, you'd know that's not likely, because the conflict is at an impressive high.

The fifth season of Marriage Boot Camp premieres on May 29 and will add even more couples to the mix. Some, like Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, are still married but have other issues — Kendra laid into her mother in the trailer for Season 5 — while others are still dating, like Aubrey O'Day and Travis Garland. But here are the low down facts: which past couples made it and which couldn't even be saved by the powers of Marriage Boot Camp.

JWoww & Roger Mathews

These two are still unmarried, but they've been together since 2010 and now have a very cute toddler named Meilani together. Maybe they recommended Marriage Boot Camp to the Situation and his GF.

Natalie Nunn & Jacob Payne

The Bad Girls Club star and NFL player are still married as well!

Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not only are these Hills stars still together, they're a super couple. The whole idea of soulmates was created to apply to these two.

Traci Braxton & Kevin Surratt

While these two (still starring on Braxton Family Values) were able to stick out their marriage, it's been a tough few years for their longtime relationship. Marriage Boot Camp helped them through Traci's worries about Kevin's potential infidelity.

Syleena Johnson & Kiwane Garris

These two have a great marriage, and have for years, but, as they revealed to Essence, used an appearance on Marriage Boot Camp to strengthen it during a time of conflict. As Garris shifted towards being a stay-at-home dad, it put a strain on their marriage, they went on the show, and now things seem great between them.

Aviva & Reid Drescher

As shown on Real Housewives of New York, Aviva and Reid are still married. Following in the footsteps of RHONY couple Alex and Simon, these two did a reality show jaunt as a sort of victory/defeat lap after leaving the Bravo show.

Tyson Apostol & Rachel Foulger

Not only is this Suvivor couple still together, they actually got married and had their first child after the show — as WEtv brags, they really did have a "happy ending."

Gretchen Rossi & Slade Smiley

This is Slade's third go-round with a Real Housewives of Orange County star, and so far, these two are still together, but just skipped out on another wedding date, which Gretchen explained to US Weekly as just bad luck. "Every time we have a plan or have something, it always is like getting messed up. And we feel like we've been married because we've been together for six years."

Ryan & Trista Sutter

The original Bachelorette couple, these two are still going strong, and even have a new gig co-hosting an HGTV show called Rocky Mountain Reno, which US Weekly described as "the traditional home makeover show model of choosing from a pool of properties." The whole thing is Colorado-focused, and they're wearing matching plaid shirts... that is commitment.

Tanisha Thomas & Clive Muir

Even though Clive and Tanisha put work into their three-year marriage, the revelation on Marriage Boot Camp that Tanisha cheated in 2011 — the year they got married — must have taken its toll, because they are the one reality TV marriage in Boot Camp history to have divorced after their time on the show.

But the couples from Marriage Boot Camp Season 5 can rest assured that with this track record, there's a pretty great chance their relationships will go the distance.

Images: WEtv; Getty Images